Twitter has advanced from a mere social messaging tool to a developed social media tool with many applications being developed to support it. One of such applications is the HootSuite which is a unique social media dashboard with lots of important resources for Twitter users especially those who like to Tweet a lot and those with multiple accounts. But do you know why you should not joke with this splendid application?

You can have more than one Twitter account and they will all be managed on a single dashboard. You will be able to make use of multi-editing feature which will enable you to manage your tweets without compromising your privacy. In addition, you can switch between one account and the other without necessarily logging in and out all the time. Also, your revenue profile will increase because you can have a business Twitter account where you can Tweet valuable information with your AdSense code embedded.  HootSuite will make it easier for to manage all the multiple accounts simultaneously.

Furthermore, you can schedule your Tweets so that you will have more time to take good care of other segments of your business. It will present you as someone who is serious about social networking and it will enhance your reputation. You can also set reminders or anniversary messages hat will be sent out on the pre-set dates. Monitoring your activity on the social media can never be made easier with amazing tools that let you know the number of mentions you’ve got and also the number of clicks.

HootSuite is an internet based application; hence, it is light on your computer’s memory. It will in no way affect the speed of your system and your job will not be hindered. Also, you can save keywords that are very vital to you and retrieve them easily at will.  You do not need to search everywhere for keywords to use as all of them will be made accessible to you. The dashboard is similar to Twitter homepage and it is easily tabbed for great ease. You also have the opportunity to scan information applicable to a specific account, as well as keyword tracking, groups and direct messages.

In addition, you will get a thorough report of your Twitter pursuit in order to come up with an effective social marketing plan. The report will be presented in graphical format so that it can be easily assimilated. HootSuite is a cloud-based application that guarantees maximum and effective engagements with your social media audience. You can get the free version or pay a little for the premium version but the difference lies in getting more for paying a little. But if you are someone who likes freebies like me, welcome to the world of free social media management with HootSuite. If you really want to take your business to the next level, you should get into the HootSuite ride for the best marketing experience online. After all, you don’t need to bring out anything from your pocket, but if the premium version is your choice, you won’t be paying through your nose.