Cookies are a great conversation starter.  Photo by earl53.

Food, tea, pets, wine, and TV shows are among subjects invoking the best internet relationships.

Susan Murphy elaborates:

Some of the best friends I’ve made, I’ve not made because I’m sitting around all day long doing “business” on Twitter. We’re friends because we’ve shared things about our lives with each other. Some of the most important client connections I’ve made, I’ve not made because of a tweet about my company. I’ve made them because of things like a tweet about the lemon meringue pie I baked last weekend….

Because to me, it’s part of what makes you, you. It shows me that you’re more than just your company’s mission statement. It shows me that you’re okay with letting your guard down a bit once in a while. It shows me that you’re a person, just like me.

Whether your best conversation all day is about the pie you baked last weekend or the latest sales numbers is not the point. Is Susan right or is Christina right? They both are right.

Explore common threads and magic will happen.