I am a strong believer in the power of storytelling. I believe that storytelling is a key leadership technique because it’s powerful, persuasive, moving, memorable and authentic. Now what if we would combine Social media for creating, collecting and sharing these stories? I believe that storytelling can add to your overall social media marketing success. Here’s why.

We love listening to stories
Let me take you back to when you were a child. You’d probably loved listening to stories then right? And even though we have grown up, we still love listening to stories. We love the drama, the ups and downs, the plot twists, the ability of good stories to take us through an emotional roller-coaster.

We learn from stories
We learn from stories: about who we are, about how the world works, and about how business and marketing are changing. We become the stories we believe in, we become the stories that we share with others.

Stories are easy to remember
Ever not been to a seminar where people use dozens of Powerpoint slides with numbers, statistics and facts? Guess what, half an hour after they have finished the presentation you will not remember a single thing. Why not go on stage instead with an emotional and engaging story? I’ll bet you will remember everything and want to share it with friends and family!

We love sharing stories
Stories are meant to be shared. If we like a story, we share it with others, instinctively. But we don’t only share stories to transfer knowledge, we also share stories to build relationships. So given this, it comes as no surprise that social media is most powerful when it is used for storytelling. It can massively increase the reach of your message when done right.

Stories are the most powerful when they are about the role of brands and how they add value to the lives of their customers. Especially if the brand stands for a larger social object: a lifestyle, a cause, or a passion.

Social media can play an important role in creating opportunities for new positive stories, collecting stories being told elsewhere, sharing these stories and spreading these stories through influencers using existing social networks.

So if you are thinking of using storytelling, make sure your story is authentic. Make it believable but most of all, make it stick! Don’t be afraid to tug on the heartstrings if it supports your story.