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Social proof is the idea that humans subconsciously copy each other. It is ingrained deep in our DNA. We are so reliant on it because it makes it easier to make decisions all while looking fashionable and in line with society’s standards.

We’ll often take interest in similar things as our friends, family, and the people closest to us. For instance, we’ll watch the same sports as they do, listen to the same music, and even use the same smartphone brands.

We’d rather copy what the next person is doing than figure something out ourselves because it’s a more efficient usage of the brain’s resources. And the next person will also copy the next person. Before we know it, we’re all on the same boat rowing in the same direction.

It’s for this same reason that iPhones and Macbooks have become so popular despite being significantly more expensive than their competitors.

You have a greater chance of growing your freelancing business if you incorporate social proof in your digital marketing strategy. If, when potential clients scan through your profile, which they’re probably going to, they get overwhelmed by all the positive ratings and reviews from previous clients.

The majority of people will conduct some research before contacting a service provider. They’ll often read reviews, blog posts, and even visit various websites and social media pages.

Doing such profound research is almost like a routine that they must go through before spending money on anything.

The reason for their obsession with research is simply because it helps them make the best possible decisions. They specifically seek social proof in all the reviews and social media comments they read. They want to see what other people are saying to justify their own interest.

Make it a goal to build your brand on a foundation of social proof; it could be the difference between you and all the other freelancers you’re competing with.