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Social media marketing has opened doors for businesses of all sizes. This phenomenon, which has captured the attention of billions of people all over the world, provides an incredible platform for small businesses and brands to attract attention online and increase customer numbers and sales. While social media can catapult you to the top, success is by no means a given. If you’re on a mission to use social media marketing to grow your business, and you haven’t quite mastered the art of this innovative marketing ploy, here’s a guide to effective social media branding strategies you can employ to get results.

Key Steps for Branding

Social media marketing may seem fairly simplistic on the surface, but it’s not as simple as setting up a page and posting a few images now and again. Creating a small business branding strategy should involve several key steps.

To capitalize on the popularity of social media, you need to know exactly how to use these apps and platforms to reach the right people, showcase your brand in the best light, and maximize your chances of converting leads.

If you’re hoping to overhaul your social media campaigns, here are some vital steps to take today:

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Narrow down your network options

There are several social media platforms out there. While it may be tempting to adopt a scattergun approach and try and cover all bases, this is not usually the best option.

Some apps and networks are more popular than others, some are aimed at specific demographics, and some are more suited to different types of products or services than others.

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world in terms of user numbers, but Instagram is more popular with a younger crowd.

Choose a platform that is popular with your target customer and relevant to your brand and the products you sell.

Clothing and beauty products are ideally suited to Instagram and YouTube, for example, but they won’t work as well for a local plumbing or mechanic service.

Looks are everything

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Human beings are incredibly responsive to visual stimuli, so don’t underestimate the importance and impact of content like images, video clips, and infographics.

It’s also a great idea to think carefully about the way you present your pages and posts in terms of colors, logos and font.

Make sure your posts are engaging and appealing.

You want somebody to spot an update on their feed and want to learn more. Creating an identity and using templates to carry a theme through your posts is an excellent idea.

Your content should be recognizable, and your brand should have personality.

Use social media to bring your brand to life and showcase its unique identity.

Social media is an amazing platform for brands, as it enables them to use channels and apps to give their brand a voice and showcase the ethos of the company.

You can use posts and pages to engage with customers and really show them what your brand is all about. Take advantage of the opportunity to provide a snapshot of your company culture and share posts in a way that will appeal to your audience.

Whatever route you choose to pursue in terms of vocalizing your brand, make sure you’re authentic on social media. Statistics from sproutsocial show that consumers rate honesty as the most attractive trait.

Streamline your focus

It’s always beneficial to go into a social media marketing campaign with an idea of the kinds of topics you want to cover and to maintain consistency throughout. Don’t leap from one subject to another that is completely unrelated.

Every post should be relevant to both your brand and the customer you’re trying to impress.

Choose a selection of topics that are related to your business and use feedback to determine popular areas of interest.

Don’t be a stranger

Running a social media marketing campaign isn’t as simple as sharing a post every few days. There’s a tremendous amount of competition online, and if you go missing from social media, your followers will forget about you and start looking at other accounts and feeds.

You don’t want to bombard your followers with information and updates, but posting regularly is critical to maintain attention and focus. Use analytics and market research to determine how frequently to post.

Your findings will depend on who you’re trying to attract, which platforms you’re using, and what kinds of products or services you’re promoting.

Consider hiring influencers

Influencer marketing is an increasingly potent weapon for businesses, especially those with a young target audience.

This is one of the newest social media marketing trends, but it’s also one of the most effective if it’s done right. Influencers are people who have a large following on channels and networks like Instagram.

If you don’t have thousands of followers, you can reach out to larger audiences by working with influencers and capitalizing on their presence.

Look for influencers who are authentic, search for individuals who have promoted similar brands in the past, and make sure you choose people who will connect with your target market.

Use your bio

Every account holder has a bio or a profile. Don’t rush filling this in, and miss out on the opportunity to use it to inform followers and enhance your brand reputation.

Include important information about your business and contact details.

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This might sound obvious, but many businesses set up an Instagram account assuming that their followers will already know that they have a Facebook page or a Twitter handle.

Use your accounts to advertise other pages and profiles, link content to other platforms, and include all your social media details on business cards, emails, and flyers.

Don’t just use your social media apps to advertise. Engagement is key.

Social media offers brilliant opportunities to advertise and sell products, but it’s worth bearing its name and origins in mind.

The initial concept was based on engagement and interaction, and you should use the platform to communicate with and engage with your customers. Don’t just sell, sell, sell. Take the time to chat, to respond to comments and to network with other businesses too.

Choose a name or handle that connects with your brand

You want people to be able to find you on social networks without undertaking rigorous detective work.

Choose a name or handle that is relevant to your brand.

Social media marketing is a hugely powerful means of reaching out to new customers and promoting your brand.

If you’re not au fait with brand trends, or your social media campaigns have fallen flat in the past, follow these steps to massively grow your business with social media!

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