Who said you cannot get Business from Twitter

I have always stated that Twitter is the greatest lead generation and marketing tool ever invented but convincing others of that fact is very difficult. I decided the best way to convince people was to show them and to this end I created my dedicated @msrfr twitter account which stands for Mark Shaw’s request for recommendations.

@visua1print: @msrfr I have just confirmed a nice order from a new client in Ireland via your service. Deserves a shout out..See it does work

Every day I send out 100+ requests for recommendations and referrals through my @msrfr Twitter account, these requests are real time needs of others who are looking for a recommended service. These business leads and requests creates opportunities for everyone involved to make referrals, advocate others and creates a window to pick up a new client or customer.

This account has now become the platform on Twitter for real time recommendations, referrals and advocacy and in just 68 days has gained over 4,000 members. Those people who follow the account participate in the act of referral and advocacy, as well as having the opportunity to pick up business for themselves, they respond to those making a request by advocating or recommending a trusted service they have previously used themselves.

@hughesplumbing: @msrfr – quite simply a revelation and opened my eyes to the uses of twitter!

I have spoken to many of the members and participants of the @msrfr Twitter account who have picked up business via the daily requests sent out, all they have to do is respond to the request. One of the biggest advantages other than picking up a new client or customer is the advocacy pipeline you create about your service.  It may be that someone recommends you in the first instance but then those that use your service via @msrfr come back to advocate how brilliant your service is!

So what is the real value of @msrfr:

Real time needs and requests looking for your service offering at your fingertips-no better quality of referral.

Opportunity to pick up new business.

Opportunity to recommend, refer business to your trusted associates/suppliers.

A platform that allows your clients/customers to come back and advocate your excellent service.

Your participation in recommending others increases your visibility on Twitter.

Opportunity to find new suppliers and new businesses to collaborate with

Gaining visibility in the @msrfr tribe will result in you gaining new followers, referrals and advocates

My @msrfr is a bolt on to other marketing and lead generation activities that you do, not a substitute, however as soon as you join, you will receive a steady stream of requests and referrals that you can act upon and the whole service is 100% free.

@realstumiller: @msrfr if Carlsberg did lead referals they would be just like this…. follow follow follow follow

Join the @msrfr tribe today…

Author: Mark Shaw is an award winning ex sales guy that advises and trains businesses, and individuals on how to utilise Twitter to gain more business & to be effective with their time. Mark has approx 14,500 followers, author of the book Twitter Your Business, founded the @msrfr referral & recommendation tribe & has been on radio, published in the media and given talks all throughout the UK in his capacity as a Twitter expert.

Mark was a very early user of Twitter, having joined in April 2008..It has been his passion, his love and his full
time business ever since. You can follow Mark on Twitter.