On April 1st Google’s new CEO Larry Page sent a company-wide memo alerting employees that 25% of their annual bonus will be tied to the success or failure of Google’s social strategy in 2011.

So it made me think – what would happen if the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, or even NASCAR followed suit? Better yet, what if this was a contest among all pro sports leagues? Meaning only employees from one league could be eligible for a bonus.

Who would you want to work for? Who is best positioned to win the “social race” in 2011?

Based on Facebook and Twitter followers alone it would seem that the NBA would quickly become the most valuable employer. However, MLB’s recent focus on social media and innovation could easily launch them into the top spot – especially with a fresh season underway.

What else could be measured to help decide a league winner? Let me know – I’m interested in hearing what you think! Your top ideas will be used (with credit) for a future post and help decide the real winner of the “social race” of 2011.