marketing mapAs people are rethinking social media, like myself, it is really becoming apparent that I may be confusing our clients and misguiding them.

A number of people who I follow are listing their Linkedin Profile as their main url link on Twitter and Google Plus.

Do you really want people to read your Linkedin Profile? When was the last time you read someone’s profile and recorded comments about their profile? This type of final destination really stops the conversation.

Here’s the main thought of this post…

I have noticed an increase in the number of “PAGE VIEWS” over the last few weeks at this blog site, and my company site, People are staying on sites longer and are checking out other content on your site.

I know of some companies that are telling clients that they no longer need a website, just open a company page on Facebook, Linkedin, GooglePlus or a company id page on Twitter. Unbelievable! All of these platforms should be thought of as temporary sites. It is for this reason that they are free.

You need to own your own location on the map! (

Create a website if you do not have one already.

Add a Blog site to your company site or as a separate site. Use this site to show people more about your company and the issues and your presence in the business world.

Direct people to your company phone number. With the advent of mobile, all phone numbers are direct links to connecting with your company.

Add a Contact Us/Inquiry Page. People are in a big hurry and they feel safer submitting their questions online.

Give people a reason to come to your location. Use social media to get the word out on the street about your location on the internet map and local map if your clients are mainly local.

If you want clients and especially return clients, you need some place to direct them to. People who generally visit companies on social media sites, typically look at their company site once and they decide whether they want updates or not.

Company sites, on the other hand give people a place of reference and a place to stay!

photo credit: Eric Fischer via photo pin cc