Where oh where… Did my YouTube Store go?

Youtube’s new Merchant Stores for channel owners in good standing (with traffic) have created a neat opportunity to list and sell your own digital content on your channel!

(The content must be items you created or have fully licensed, don’t let the word affiliate confuse you.)

If you have a monetized channel in good standing, you may have already seen the popup that told you that you could now have a store!

I got the popup, read the information YouTube provided, and knew I’d get back to it when I was ready for it…

Well, today I was ready for it, and I couldn’t find the Store Tab! WTF?!?!

Where did the store tab go?

Was it in my YouTube Profile Settings? Nope!

Where to find your YouTube Store tab when it does not show up on your YouTube channel page.

Turns out that it’s linked to my channel so it’s in the “Channel Settings” option.

Go to the front page of your channel and then click on the “Channel Settings” button.

Then on the top row inside “channel settings”, select “Tabs”… and then on the left put a check next to “STORE”!

Be sure to click “Done Editing” to save your change.

Bada-Boom! Bada-Bing! You have a store tab!

(Most YouTube channels have this enabled but many channels with very low view counts do not.)

Your store tab will have a URL like http://www.youtube.com/user/KimJCastleberry/store but will not be publicly visible until you add products to it.

Want to learn more about how to set up your YouTube Store? Click here.

PS: I recently polled my readers and many of them indicated that they’d love to be able to buy individual videos out of a larger course. So, I will be using Youtube’s new pay-per-view Store option to sell individual videos out of my upcoming WordPress video library!