I am always seeing tons of posts and tweets about articles saying this research study says to post during the week. This other study says to post during the weekend. And yet another research article says you should post during nights and mornings everyday. You get my point. Everytime a new study comes out, internet and social media marketers from all over, praise these articles and talk about them like crazy.

But why?

Ultimately, what we’ve all been finding out is that these research studies are too broad. When I represent my clients, I have to tailor my approach to their audience. Just because my industrial clients get the most interaction during the mornings, does not mean that I should use that approach for all of my clients. Clients in, say, fashion, may not get up and onto social media until later in the day, or even at night, or weekends.

Do Your Own Research

When it comes to marketing, doing research is another important part of your success. Don’t leave it to broad, averaged-out studies that don’t have anything to do with your industry.

If you want to get the best interaction and engagement, your best bet is going to be to do your own research. You could use some of the research as a starting point, and go from there, watching Facebook Insights, and using tools like Crowdbooster, to find out when you are getting the most engagement. Once you have a good idea of when your audience is online and seeing your content, you can begin posting during those times and have a much better chance of building your community of fans and followers. Now, just make sure you stay consistent and engaging. You always want to make sure that you are not only online at the right times, but that you are keeping your audience interested!

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