2020 taught us all many things, one of these being the importance and benefits of online platforms. We all spent a lot more time at home and less time behaving in our ‘normal’ manner, resulting in what soon became known as our ‘new normal’. This was predominantly relying on the internet. From face-to-face conversations moving to screen-to-screen, from trips to restaurants turning into online quizzes. Like we did in our personal lives, businesses too had become much more digital savvy. For many, this included starting with the basics and setting up social media accounts to keep in regular contact with customers.

So, now we’re a few months into 2021 and seeing the true impact of the ‘new normal’. You have your social media accounts set up, they’re running and you’re posting regularly. But something just isn’t working and you’re not sure what it is. This blog will explore what this could be and what you can do about it.

Start at the beginning

First of all, let’s get the basics of your accounts right. For the majority of platforms, from Twitter to Instagram, you will need:

1. Profile picture – for a business account, this is likely to be your company logo

2. Cover photo – do you have a company message or particular product to showcase?

3. Bio – tell users who you are and what you do

4. Link to your website – make it easy for users to find out more

5. Contact details – make sure the details are there if your followers want to email or call you

How’s your content?

You’re posting content that you’re sure your audience will love and engage with. You’re using knowledge from previous conversations with clients and building on other marketing campaigns. But followers aren’t growing and you’re not receiving the engagement you expected. What should you do?

It’s time to spring into action

You can dig a little deeper and dive into the detail to see what’s happening with Locowise. We can tell you:

1.Time of day – What is the best time to post to reach your audience (we’ll do this for each platform you use)?

2.Your top line content – see the media used and if your audience reacts best to photos or videos, or even a post with just a link

3.Post frequency – what is the optimal number of posts you should send a day? You may think the more the better but not necessarily

4. Competitor activity – when do your competitors post? Get in front of them. What’s working for them? We’ll tell you. Are their follower numbers growing? How’s their engagement doing? We’ll show you so you can easily compare. You’ll also see the share of voice too, as well as your sentiment scores. No stone is left unturned.

Go further with the Digital 2021 Global Report

Consumer behaviour will vary for each country in terms of platforms used, time spent online and engagement on each type of post. The Digital 2021 Global report breaks down social media usage by country so you can ensure your activity is optimised for all of your target regions. You can read this report here.