Nowadays, search engines are not the only sources of online businesses; social media also plays a big role in the promotion of services/products for an online brand. Both the platforms are internally connected to each other and by focusing on both of them; you can churn out the maximum benefits. If your website is already SEO’ed and user-friendly, but lacks the friendliness for Social Media, you should consider applying the below 4 things on your website to make it social media friendly:

Content is the ultimate KING of the online world

Content has forever been the KING of the online world and it will remain to be. What’s the use of having an attractive web design when there is no resourceful content that gives you conversions (sales)? People on social media sites are mad for latest updates and whatever content that makes them attracted to read the stuff. Studies have shown that every 2 out of 4 fan page users are interesting in reading about online collections, tips, guides, and other similar things. These types of online materials do a good job at attracting visitors and thus converting them into money making resources.

Use keyword rich headlines and keep them short

Titles/Headlines have their own importance which cannot be ignored at any cost. So always use keyword rich titles which describe the whole content in one line. However you can edit your headlines on social media sites but not all platforms allow this. It is your job to make your titles attractive and exact to the point. People often make long tail headings which are in no way good for blogs and social media platforms. Always keep your titles short and simple! And yet you also need to create unique titles. For this you will need to do some research on your titles. You can simply search your title on Google and check the results.

Add social buttons and plugins to your Web Design

Consider adding social media buttons and plug-ins on your site.  You can easily find them from social media portals. These plugins are used for different purposes like sharing, commenting, tweeting, liking and many other things which are associated with different social sites. The best example of these plugins is “Find us on Facebook” which shows your brand’s existence on Facebook and the users who like your page. Make sure your social buttons are properly located, and match your website’s design as this count to a Website’s social-media friendliness. This helps a user to know about your existence on social media sites and it also gives them the ability to share or like the page directly from your website. Social buttons are mostly used on blogs. You must have seen chunks of buttons under every post on different blogs. Each social media has its social button associated with different functions. Add them on your site. If your content is unique and resourceful, the users will definitely like, tweet or share your content via the social buttons.

Remember: When you use social media buttons or plugins, always select the ones which open another browser tab or window to execute the link. This way you will not be able to lose your visitors and it won’t distract them? Now it is your job to find such plugins and social media buttons which process in other browser tabs or windows. By using this method, you also maximize the comfort level of your visitors, since the new tab or browser window will close automatically upon executing the social function, and your visitors will get back to your site.

Add attractive and vibrant images

Similar to the headline, an image is also a necessary aspect of social media promotion. Titles and images are supportive to each other. So never ignore this fact. Always utilize your images properly. The images which are used as thumbnails when posting your content on social media sites should be small and appropriate. Your images should also reflect your business industry.

These were some considerations which are proven to help you in tweaking your website/blog according to the social media platform. Upon implementing the above methods, you will see a notable boost in your daily traffic. Hence, the traffic you will get may also convert into customers giving you a ROI (return on investment). If you apply your own tested methods to make your website social media friendly, share them below with us!