Don’t you hate it when someone who isn’t really involved in “Social Media stuff” says that it’s just so narcissistic? You try to say, “Well, no, it’s about sharing and giving information, and…and…” You have all kinds of answers, right?

So let me ask you a question.

If I go to your Twitter account or your blog page right now, what will I think I know about you?

It’s something perhaps we in this space don’t think a lot about. We think about how we want to project ourselves. We think about what we are putting out there. But maybe we need to approach it differently on occasion. What are others seeing? What are people “getting” if they don’t have the full context of our brains and souls in mind?

Here are some questions. Let me know how you think I or someone else would answer these about, well, you.

What does your picture say about you? What do I “know” if I look at your avatar? Are you an egg in front of a pastel background? Do you not take yourself seriously enough to put a real picture in there? Are you a happy person? Kind of distant? Do I know if you’re male or female?

What does your bio say about you? What do I know about you after reading your bio on your blog or on Twitter? Do I know where you work and what you do? Do I not know anything because there’s nothing there? Are you hiding something? Do I think that you are extremely religious? Do I think that you care about baseball more than what you are tweeting about?

What do your tweets say about you? Do your tweets tell me that you are a vulgar person who swears a lot? Do I think you are not really serious about your work? Do you seem to watch television more than working your job? Do you want to talk with me, to me, or at me? Am I worried about working with you because you seem too goofy or childish, or am I afraid of you because you seem confrontational or snobby? Or do I think we’re on the way to creating a strong friendship?

What does your blog say about you? Do I know what you are passionate about? Does it look like you take the time to proofread and do a spellcheck? Do I think you are phoning it in, or do I think you are working your butt off? Do I think you love your job or hate it? Do I know what you are trying to do?

If you didn’t know you, what would you think? What do you think you know about other people? Have you found out that you’re right? Have you found out that you’re wrong?

Do I know all of the wrong things about you?

What are you going to do about it?

Let’s talk it over.