Are you creating content that's relevant to your audience? Or content that you like to create for yourself? First you need to understand your customer

Are you creating content that’s relevant to your audience? Or content that you like to create for yourself? When creating content for your business social media it’s vital that you understand the wants and needs of your customer and potential customer.

Is Your Content Relevant To Your Customer

We are well into the World Cup now yet some brands are only just realising and asking what they can do to create content around it. Besides the fact that they are missing the boat on this one, it amazed me how many businesses don’t understand the consumer they are aiming at. They think that by just putting out loads of posts about what they are selling will entice customers to buy from them. Wrong. Content marketing is all about nurturing that relationship with the customer, or potential customer. It’s about giving them the content they want to consume. They may not even want to buy from you. Yet.

If you are creating content to get the instant sale, then you might as well give up now. Content marketing is by far the most popular form of marketing at the moment, but it’s also a long game. You aren’t going to win over any customers in 90 minutes here, no matter how many goals England score.

Is Your Content Timely For Your Audience?

There is absolutely no point gearing yourself up to do a Facebook Live and not understanding when your audience is online. If you’re aiming at Mum’s then why on earth would you do a live at 7pm? It’s bed and bath time! Likewise with the football, there is no point doing it during a match. People are watching the tv. In this case, tv content is still very much king. Your social media content is going to play second fiddle.

This is just another aspect of understanding your customer and what content they want to consume. A Facebook Live may not actually suit your audience, They may prefer a pre-recorded video that they can watch in their own time. Or your audience might be readers who prefer a good written blog post. Once you understand your audience and the type of content they consume, then you can better understand what platform they will prefer it to be delivered on.

Have you Got Your Content Theme Right?

This is one I should have covered in my social media mistakes video a few weeks ago. But, what is your content about? I see so many videos these days that are literally the business owner talking about themselves or their business and what they do. Boring. You aren’t solving anyone’s problems with that. Actually, you are just boring your audience to death with it. Your content is not about you. It’s actually nothing to do with you. It’s about your audience and what they want to see. It’s about the problems they have that you may be able to solve. Not everyone who consumes your content will hire you or buy from you. And that’s ok. But every piece of content you put out must have the potential to help someone and deliver some value to someone. Otherwise, you really are wasting your time.

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