Something that I see a lot in social media is solopreneurs trying to look bigger than they are. Or big companies trying to look smaller than they are.

There are many reasons for companies wanting to look bigger or smaller. The obvious reason for wanting to look bigger is to “attract more clients.” A reason for wanting to look smaller is to “create a sense of a tight community”.

Either way, if you’re trying to be something you’re not; you will be caught and your audience will not be happy.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I used to think that saying ‘we’ would impress people, but in fact, it just made me look foolish when people found out that it was only me.

You don’t want to give the wrong impression when it comes to saying We if you’re really an I.

People want to know what they’re dealing with right off the bat. They need to know, am I going to be dealing with one person or a team of people?

If you come off as one person and then you throw your new client at someone else or a team or someone else’s, then that can be really deceiving.

The same goes for if you present yourself as a larger company than you actually are and then all of a sudden, your client discovers that you’re really a solo organization.

There’s nothing wrong with being a solo biz.

And there’s nothing wrong with being a big company.

The point is, you must be honest with your audience.

If you’re a big company, show off your staff members!

If you’re a solo organization, then show yourself off!

Don’t pretend to be larger or smaller than you really are. People want the truth, no matter what that truth may be.

So if you’re solo, say I.

If you’re larger, say We.

I know it seems like a very minor thing to worry about, but if you lie about the size of your company, what else will you lie about?

Are you a solo or a larger company? Be proud of what you are!