An important part of optimizing your local business web presence includes claiming and creating Internet profiles on popular social sites. That way, wherever you consumers search, surf and socialize online, they will be able to find you. With the latest addition of games to Google Plus, the new social network continues to fuel comparisons with Facebook (which still has more users than Google Plus). But even as each site continues to add similar features (like video chat and social signifiers across the web like “+1” and “Like” buttons), the sites are still distinguishable from one another. This handy infographic from SingleGrain does a great job comparing Facebook and Google Plus stats and features side-by-side:

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If it isn’t already, your Facebook Business page should be a core component of your web presence optimization strategy. And while Google Plus has not yet released official brand or business pages for now, it’s still a good idea to use your personal Google Plus profile to promote your business for now. Maintaining an active web presence and sharing dynamic content on both social networks will help you dominate the social space and engage more customers.

How are you integrating Facebook and Google Plus into your local business web presence optimization strategy today? Does your target consumer base interact more on one site than the other? What is the future of these two powerhouse social sites? Share your thoughts in a comment!