We recently took a look at how banks are using (or not using) Vine. What we found was that not many are actively using the app, which is not a surprise given that financial institutions are often slow to adopt new social platforms and try new things. There’s also the fact that Vine is different than other formats: it’s 6-second video. At first, the length of a Vine may seem limiting. What can you say in six seconds?

Then along comes to Visa to remind us that in a social media world, you can say a lot in six seconds. In fact, Visa has built an entire integrated campaign around it.

“#GoInSix” has been rolled out across Visa’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, YouTube and Google+. Posts consist of 6-word tweets, images with 6-word messages and, of course, some very creative Vines.

The content fits perfectly with Visa’s ongoing “Go World” brand campaign and keeps the focus not only on the things you can purchase with Visa, but also the little moments you can enjoy.

And of course, social marketing is not just about the content a brand develops; it’s also about getting consumers actively participating. To get the conversations going, Visa has launched the Story in Six Sweepstakes which asks its social media followers to post 6-word tweets or photos and videos with 6-word captions.

It’s a great example of how branding, social platforms and promotions can all sync to support a larger message.