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Mixing sales and social engagement can be a great challenge to a digital marketer. It usually takes long term strategies in order to successfully build a strong relationship to your prospect customers in the social media environment. However, it is crucial to build social engagement to the prospect consumers because the Cone Research and Insights indicated that about 85% of social media users like their favourite businesses to become more interactively engaged with them in the social media channels. If this is major challenge to your business, there are many ways that can help establish social engagement between your business and your prospects.

It doesn’t take overnight to engage your prospect customers and there are major social media marketing strategies that you can do in order to effectively build high quality social relationships for your business. By learning how to promote your business through social marketing with the right strategies, you can make your business more engaging to prospective consumers that can increase customer retention, lead generation and better customer loyalty to your brand. Here are some of the social media marketing strategies that can build quality engagement to your prospect customers.

Use marketing mix to your digital marketing communications

In order to make your businesses more engaging to the prospect consumers, it is essential to provide them a mixture of digital marketing approach in terms of the media that you use for promoting your business. Textual social advertising has become the traditional way of promoting brands but this can become a too common way of communicating to social media users. Using the following marketing mediums can improve how your business can communicate and engage your prospects:

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  • Use images for social marketing. Words may not be enough when introducing your products and services to social media users. Backing up your claims and information with images will tend to keep the interest of your prospects to your business. You want to promote your services as a professional graphic designer? Show off your portfolio to prospect customers and allow them to take awe on the graphic designs that are your masterpieces. With images of your work alone you can get the message across that you have the talent and can deliver what your prospect needs saving yourself to a detailed marketing speech that may only tend to bore your audience.
  • Create digital presentation of your business. The best thing about using digital presentation is its ability to use textual and image information with a unique way of engaging your audience. You can communicate to your prospects better in every slide of your digital presentation while emphasizing in detail about the important aspects of your business. It is best to introduce one idea for every slide of your presentation for better emphasis using headlines that will instantly engage your prospects and add images intelligently to keep that interest better. While you want to impress your audience, it is best to keep your digital presentation simple but with a strong call to action message to further engage their interests.
  • Create videos to engage social media users. If you want to make your business more valuable and engaging to your prospects, video presentation will help you build stronger relationship to social media users. By creating how-to videos or those that can be helpful in solving common problems of your social media followers will make you an expert within your field of business. Your tutorial videos will make your brand more engaging and useful to social media followers and it grows the number of loyal customers that will appreciate and patronage your products and services.

Start social conversations and keep the flow going

Social engagement means interaction of your business to prospect customers. If there is one important thing to avoid when starting a conversation to your prospects, it is immediately throwing a sales pitch. Prior to starting a conversation, it is best to understand the profile of your prospect audiences. This will help you learn the proper approach of engaging them based on their interests. It also involves finding which social media sites where the users are active in social conversation and comments.

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  • Make a research about the different social media sites where you can interactively communicate to your prospect customers. Among the top social media platforms for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google +.
  • Keep in mind that when starting a social conversation, it should be more about your social followers and not mainly about yourself or your business. Induce a conversation that they tend to be interested the most.
  • Ask questions in order to lead your social followers to discuss the things they are highly interested about. This strategy helps you to learn more about their interests and likes that gives you the opportunity to bring your business more engaging and important to them.
  • Take the time to answer questions. Your social conversation will be more engaging if you are able to share valuable opinions too that can help answer their queries. But the more important thing about replying to your prospects in a conversation is giving them the message across that you are listening to them making them valuable to your business.

Nurturing relationships through the social media channels

What makes nurturing relationship valuable for you business is it helps retain loyal customers and helps your business gain new ones. A business that is socially engaged to interact and connect to their prospect and existing customers can enjoy more lead generation and profitable conversion. Customers feel more important to businesses that provide the time to communicate with them and make them a valuable part of their businesses.

  • Send out email newsletter regularly to your customers. Provide them some updates about the latest information regarding your products and services and post the latest announcements to your social media profiles.
  • Let social followers know that a new product will be released soon. Send out online brochures to introduce new products to your prospects and give the privilege to your social media connections to be the first in line to try it out!
  • Give some freebies and perks. A discount coupon or a free product sample will certainly make your prospects happy and they will feel special and important. You can make it more engaging if you ask your social connections to participate in contests in exchange of availing perks and privileges.

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