Social Media
In today’s corporate world, almost everyone has a social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or another variety or a combination.

Building a strong following on social media networks is a great way to keep clients informed about deals and get them excited about new products or services.

It can also expand your client pool. What most people don’t realize is that when it’s time to sell a business, social media can be a major asset as well.

Social Media and Potential Buyers

When it comes to selling businesses, potential buyers have many places they can look to see if your company will be a good investment for them.

Social media can quickly highlight many aspects of your business in an easily accessible format.

  • Social media shows that there is community interest in your business.
  • Social media allows potential buyers to see how clients interact with your business and how you interact with them.
  • Established social media can make it easier for new owners to communicate with their new clients.
  • Social media can give potential buyers insight into how your business operates.

What You Need to Do to Optimize Your Social Media

Since your potential buyers will look at social media, it is important to make sure that your social media pages show your company in the best possible light. Let’s address each of the above bullet points.

Community Interest

When selling a business, your social media page will ideally already be established. If it is not, then it could be useful to run a promotion in which liking and your page will reward your clients.

Potential buyers will be more interested in your business when they see a large number of consumers are interested in your business. This can be quantified in the number of likes your page has received.

Client Interaction

An active social media page is even better than one that simply has a large quantity of followers. A good way to get your page more active is to post items that will encourage discussion among your clients.

Conversations show that the community has an active interest in what you have to offer rather than simply liking the page and forgetting about it.

They show that you have a community built which is invested in your company rather and will likely return. When selling businesses, this is a major asset.


If a buyer decides to purchase your business, social media provides an excellent way to reach your clients and inform them about what will be happening in the future.

This works to your benefit if you intend to hold special sales or promotions before the sale of the business is complete.

It also benefits the new buyer for he or she can easily get in contact with the customer base in a non-invasive way.

An easy way to get information to the customers without being an imposition can be a great benefit to a new business owner.

Insight into Operations

Your interactions with clients on your social media page can give potential buyers a transparent view of how you communicate with the clients and how your business operates in general.

When you wish to sell a business, make sure that all your communication with customers is clear and cordial while giving definitive and satisfactory answers.

Make sure that these answers are consistent from customer to customer and that nothing is left unanswered.


No one will deny the importance of social media in promoting your business, but the importance of social media when selling a business is often overlooked. Social media gives potential buyers an inside look at your business and your clients.

This can be hugely influential in the decision of whether or not to buy. Make sure that your social media pages reflect the best aspects of your business to take full advantage of this resource.