Social media is a valuable tool for any and all companies.


Just think about all the things you can accomplish now that hadn’t even be dreamed of years ago:

  • Targeted interaction with interested and potential customers
  • Brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty
  • Detailed customer insights
  • Increased web traffic

To name a few…

You might be thinking, well yeah, sure, easy for Coke or Oreo, but what about me? I’m a small dentist office, or a law office, or a mom and pop shop.

It works for you too!

It’s all about HOW to make it work for you. And here’s the secret!

1. How to get targeted interaction with interested and potential customers

Are you a local store? Geo-target customers with interesting content or ads. By using a geo-targeting tool found in multiple social media platforms, companies can target only those that live in or visit the area their company functions in.A Geotargeted Ad example by Sport Locker

Connect with influencers in your niche. Influencers are those with a loyal following within a specific niche. It is important, however, to connect with those who are authentic, active, engaging, experts, and have leadership skills. By connecting with influencers and having them mention your brand, your brand will piggyback off the many loyal followers that an influencer already has.

2. How to develop brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty

Answer questions quickly. The generation that uses social media platforms want answers ASAP; so answer them! By answer questions and engaging with customers, a brand can build loyalty.Don’t just talk about yourself! Create outward facing content and share others’ content. People don’t want to hear about you constantly; teach them about interesting things going on in the niche. Share the love by interacting with and sharing other people’s content.

Simister Orthodontics Facebook Example of Relevant Posts to Share

3. How to discover detailed customer insights

Detailed customer insights are available on many social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook offer the most information. With a just a few clicks on the back end of either of these platforms, niche brands can learn the following about their customer demographics:

  • Who is clicking on which items
  • Post popularity
  • Gender and interests of customers
  • When people are near a geo-targeted area

4. How to help social media efforts increase web traffic

Write interesting blog articles and share them on social media. Even if your business is a jewelry provider there are still interesting things to write about that can be shared on social media; how to match jewelry to an outfit, how to plan an anniversary, how to plan a wedding, etc.Charles And Colvard Facebook Blog Post Example

Be sure to put links to the website in social media profiles and occasionally in posts, this way people interested in learning more about the brand itself, can easily find the website.