blog_image_new_postThe right social media campaign can help your business grow exponentially; It’s free marketing. That being said, the best campaigns are structured around a strong central website. Social Media is the present and future of marketing, coupling a strong campaign with an even better website will lead to the best results.

Your Social Media format depends on your unique business and its needs. Remember that the key is exposure, which will eventually increase sales. Facebook is great for visibility, getting “likes” will lead to more attention both through Facebook as well as through Google search. Any interest is good interest and if search results are pointing to your site as well as the Facebook page, you’re in business. More clicks means more leads and if you’ve got your process down, eventually more sales. Organic Leads are the best leads because they show the most interest in your product and found you without being paid for.

Although Twitter can be used for lead generation, it should mostly be used for faster paced interaction typically designed for current users and older leads. Many businesses that use Twitter see great results through re-tweets and share percentages because their followers are already interested in the product. Consider using Twitter for product updates and to promote your news.

Twitter and Facebook are strong avenues but having a strong website, or Hub, is crucial. The website must have engaging and informative content, allow users to navigate easily, show striking images and content that always keeps the user interested. Links to Social Media on the site will grow your pages/fans and will help both to work simultaneously for the common goal of Higher Google search results. Use the website for all the information not in the social media campaign: testimonials, videos and more. The relationship between the Hub and Social Media sites should work symbiotically, not double the content. Have information on Facebook/Twitter that links back to the site and ask users to Like/Follow your pages, etc.

Generate leads using your Social Media, retain leads using your website. A proper business model should have all of these components, which work together to create a seamless campaign with a clear message. The site should be built with lead nurturing in mind. They found you already, now how are you going to make sure they stay interested? Create trust in your product and thoroughly explain the benefits of your business.