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The social media marketing landscape is constantly changing, making it challenging for businesses to keep up. For savvy marketers who understand the different channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) and how to use them, the task is somewhat manageable, though the pace of change is always fast.

The real challenge, however, comes from identifying which emerging
new channels is worth using and the best way to use them!

One of the upstart new channels making waves is an app called Snapchat.

It’s quickly captured the interest of a younger demographic (15-25+) utilizing Facebook less and turning more to instant messaging types of communication—think Twitter and Instagram—Snapchat becomes a good fit. Snapchat is primarily used on mobile devices and functions like a text message, but uses either a photo or video to deliver its message.

The twist is that once the recipient opens the message, it becomes available for a predetermined amount of time. For example, if I were to send you a video message (10 seconds is the limit), it would be available for you to view for 1 to 10 seconds (the sender determines the amount of time the message remains available) once you opened it. After that, the message is hidden from the recipient’s device and later deleted from the Snapchat server.

16 Handles, a New York-based frozen yogurt chain was one of the first companies to figure out how to utilize the network. The company had its customer’s send a video of themselves sampling the yogurt at one of their locations, and in return 16 Handles sent them a Snapchat message with a coupon for use during the visit.

The New Orleans Saints were the first NFL team to embrace the new medium. Each week during the 2013 season the team would send out chats with behind-the-scenes footage or photos of the uniforms they would be wearing or new merchandise in the fan store to subscribers.

McDonalds joined the list of companies experimenting with the messaging service by creating a series of video chats that announced the introduction of their new bacon clubhouse sandwich. To promote their Snapchat marketing experiment, McDonalds used Twitter to attract followers to the new account.

With smartphone use growing each day, companies that aren’t utilizing mobile marketing channels are missing a golden opportunity. The prized Millennial demographic is shifting from traditional marketing methods and causing major players—like McDonalds—to find new ways to reach them. Using the above examples, here are:

5 ways companies can use Snapchat in marketing:

  1. In-store coupons
  2. New product announcements
  3. Exclusive looks behind the scenes
  4. Exclusive deals and promotions
  5. Build followers with giveaways

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Is Snapchat the next big thing in social media marketing?

Only time will tell, but if major brands like McDonalds and Taco Bell are using Snapchat Marketing, it’s worth a look. Reaching the younger portion of the Millennial demographic can be challenging, but Snapchat offers an inexpensive way to engage them and promote your business.

Even if your business doesn’t cater to youth and young adults, keep an eye on Snapchat because it’s on the move!

What are your thoughts on Snapchat for business marketing?

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