Social media and our mobile devices have taken the world by storm – everyone’s on them and everyone’s got them – no business can deny their existence nor their importance.

We have gone through several ‘year of the mobile’ times and now are fully submerged in ‘Mobilegeddon’.

Social media now makes us wonder what we did without it, with user numbers rising all the time and new social platforms popping up constantly – it certainly shows no sign of slowing down.

So how can your business use the power of mobile and social media?

Create a campaign/offer and promote it consistently across them both.

They both feed off each other, and they both have strengths and weaknesses. So by using them together you should be able to create a successful campaign that grows your presence in both areas.

Create an offer with both a graphic and supporting text and keep these consistent throughout the promotion of the campaign.

Encourage interaction with your offer to increase the visibility of the post and your business awareness by offering money off or a prize if people share or retweet your campaign.

Social media marketing campaign Facebook

Social media marketing Twitter

Obviously Twitter and Facebook are not the only social media platforms out there now, so do share your promotion across all the suitable platforms.

Social media is great for many things, however because of its huge number of users it is easy for your message to be missed and get lost in the vast number of funny cat videos – this is where mobile marketing can come in.

Sending out your marketing message through a simple text message will almost guarantee that it is read by your customers.

Mobile marketing campaign

One thing to think about

Whenever you are sending out a marketing message you need to consider who is receiving it and what time they will be receiving it… no one is going to see your tweet at 2.30am and similarly no one is going to want to be woken up by your text message.

Here is an infographic which delves into the perfect time to send for specific industries.

Mobile and social media are both very powerful players in the modern business marketing world and using them both together will help grow your business.