Twitter Your Business:Be Interested..

In this episode of my Twitter Your Business video series, I walked around Carnaby St in London’s West End. I wanted to illustrate the really important point of being interested in others. Far too many people and businesses join Twitter and simply broadcast their messages all day long. That is truly missing the point of Twitter. The magic starts to happen when you listen, ask questions, help and support others and
become interested in others.

Author: Mark Shaw is an award winning ex sales guy that advises and trains businesses, and individuals on how to utilise Twitter to gain more business & to be effective with their time. Mark has approx 15,000 followers, author of the book Twitter Your Business, founded the @msrfr referral & recommendation tribe & has been on radio, published in the media and given talks all throughout the UK in his capacity as a Twitter expert.

Mark was a very early user of Twitter, having joined in April 2008..It has been his passion, his love and his full time business ever since. You can follow Mark on Twitter