One of the main question that I keep getting asked about Twitter is: “Is it really worth the time to Twitter?” My answer is always YES. I have been using Twitter since May 5th, 2008. In that time, I have found some amazing people who have dreams and hopes that I also carry. The thing that amazes me is that we are all normal people-but yet our society allows someone to take the statues of idol or celebrity. Social Media seems to transcends all of those preconceived bearers and allows you to make contact with someone who you other wise would have never guessed you could have talk to.

I know your wondering what does this have to do with the digital marketing my not-for-profit or my business? It has everything to do with it, because it puts a real face on an ambiguous space or web site. Social Media allows the public to see who you are, what you do, how you act, which in turn gives the public a since of reality, your no longer a ad on or in a news paper-but your that cool person I talk to, who now has a ad in the news paper. Look at our now president-his campaign team used social media to get the word out, about events and his views on a subject. Allowing them to speak right to their constituents vs his words coming from someone else to them. It was there in there in their face-and it felt like he sent it just to them.

Another question I am asked is: “Can real friendships come out of social media?” To which I say: “You betcha”. Over the last year I have meet people from all walks of life, from around the world, some simply living and others simply trying to live, some very successful while others are still looking for that first successful idea. Yet we all have a unique place in this in this Global Social Village we call Social Media, all of which I now call friend! We talk about things we want to see happen in our own place of expertise and talk about how our network can help each other.

So will get on board and meet those around you who are changing culture and making true change for tomorrow? Or just keep on waiting until it’s out of date?