Earlier this year, when Twitter announced its addition of photos and videos to their stream, their mobile user base was up 250% with 370, 000 new sign ups occurring per day.

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, you’ve likely considered using Twitter as part of your marketing mix. A new research report based on a survey conducted by Pew Research shows the demographic breakdown of the most frequent Twitters users, helping us understand the behaviors of the platform’s users.

African-Americans and Latinos, young adults (ages 18-29), and Urbanites are most likely to use Twitter. The most popular types of content posted are updates related to users’ personal and professional lives, followed by links to news stories, “humorous or philosophical observations about life”, and retweets (in that order).

Using Twitter as your online hub for communications, Foursquare and already-existing user communities centered around your target market can be integrated with your digital strategy. For example, if your ideal brand ambassadors are smartphone-wielding Fashionistas, you might devise a strategy with touchpoints including the unlocking of a custom, branded Foursquare badge and partner with the New York-based social shopping start-up Fashism.

Whether you use Twitter to respond to customer questions and feedback on new products, prospect new members for your organization, drive traffic to your website, or to encourage collaboration and improve relationships internally within your company, increasing business and sales via Twitter typically involves an integrated marketing approach.

How do you use Twitter to achieve your marketing goals?