to Robin Goad — and some awesome metrics — Twitter accounts for 1 in every 184 UK Internet visits online — so, to be honest even though everyone is going so nuts over Facebook Pages, there really is a growing value associated with making sure your company and you clients put the time in required to make the most from a Twitter engagement campaign. From Experian HitWise:

Twitter just keeps on growing, reaching another new peak in UK Internet traffic this weekend on Saturday 21 May. The site experienced its highest ever volume of online traffic on Saturday, accounting for 0.54% of all UK Internet visits that day, or to put it in simpler terms: Twitter was responsible for 1 in every 184 Internet visits in the UK on Saturday.

More from Experian HitWise:

Within the growth of Twitter, 12% of visits to the website are coming from new users. To put that into context, 99.5% of visits to Facebook in the UK come from returning visitors, but Twitter continues to attract new users to its website every single day. Facebook is clearly much bigger than Twitter (about 15 times bigger in terms of volume of visits) but Facebook’s growth in terms of new visitors (in the UK market at least) has been pretty static for some months now.

As Twitter continues its extraordinary growth, one thing that is interesting is that the micro-blogging platform is becoming more mainstream in terms of its user base. Using Mosaic we can see the types of people that visit Twitter online.