This week, Twitter announced that it now has 100 million active users. Of these users, 60 percent sign in to read and don’t actually tweet.  This means that people are mostly turning to Twitter to find firsthand information rather than to post and share it.

It’s become clear how the service enables citizens to organize around common political causes and take action, such as the Arab Spring, and track events related to natural disasters. In response to Hurricane Irene, for example, @Fema created a list of accounts providing the most updated information for users to follow.

Several of the world’s leaders, governments, humanitarians, and news organizations can be found communicating to their respective audiences on Twitter.  For example, the White House tweets web-only videos of President Obama’s speeches via @whitehouse. During the Japan earthquakes, Americans may have turned to @RedCross to learn where to send donations.   Twitter has become the dominant source for real-time information. In many instances, people are no longer willing to wait for websites to be updated. Immediacy is key.

What can your brand or business learn from these examples?

Post current industry news and information to help your customers make the best decisions. Discuss strategic alliances with industry partners wherein you connect your followers with them, and they do the same for you. Create lists to let your followers easily connect with each other and your industry partners.

Overall, regardless of the platform being used – whether it’s custom-built or an already-existing one such as Twitter –  companies who take a long-term approach with social media will find more success.  All along the way, matching your tactics with the various customer touchpoints is crucial. The results of a brand’s digital strategy will eventually be as strong as its implementation.  Deep and consistent integration of the various online channels being used, compelling tactics and solid implementation will help any company, business or brand reach or surpass their marketing goals.

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