mamata banerjee facebookAccording to Hindustan Times, Trinamool the ruling party of West Bengal, run by the fearless Mamata Banerjee has chalked out a plan to hire a private agency that will monitor all forms of media, online and offline. The private agency that would be hired will be monitoring all forms of media including social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. and would be providing daily reports to the government. In other words the party, which had shown serious interest in social media in the later part of 2012, has now planned to monitor its reputation and act upon it as quickly as possible.

The party is planning to hire an agency that would monitor media 24*7 and would be an independent body which would report the chief minister daily by 3:30 PM. So that the state government is aware and prepared at all times with data and sufficient proof when the party’s image is being questioned or tarnished.

Is it an effective move?

A required and effective move. In 2012 we have seen how Narendra Modi and his team used social media to create a wider reach during the state elections. Other than creating awareness today, it is also important that you track each and every form of media. Doing manually is not possible when you are a big brand or a political party like Trinamool, you will need specialized task force with required tools to monitor all forms of networks.

Mamata Banejee herself has been pretty active of late on social networks. As I see that was the first move by her and this move comes at the right time. Not only it will keep the party always on the top related to news and who is saying what but this will also keep the party aware what statements are being delivered by her own party men on any form of media. The recent statements given by Lok Sabha MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar on the Park Street rape case would have been an eye opener for the party. It is not a first of its kind incident and it won’t be the last but the intent to better prepare with the changing times is a great move by a party like Trinamool. I am sure other parties must be watching this space. Today it takes minutes to sacrifice your image online so it’s better to be prepared and equipped.

Hopefully, we see better usage of tracking the party image with such advancements in technology rather than an increase in issuing of 66-A in 2013.

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