The Tres Amigos - Email, Blogging, and Social Media Marketing

One is boring, two is not quite enough, four is too much and five is a boy band.

There’s a reason why three-legged foundations don’t easily topple in the storm. It’s a good strategic number, especially in marketing, where a single-type attack is unheard of. Now if you were to choose three of the best marketing strategies out there, you have to go with the top 3: email, blogging/SEO, and social media. It’s the Holy Trinity of marketing. The Charlie’s Angels of advertising. The Supremes of attraction. The Three Tenors of charisma.

Okay, enough with the analogies.

First, let’s examine the rationale of it all: Email is the most logical choice because of the fact that it remains to be the most effective lead generation tool today. Its power only gets bigger when coupled with social media, which is the crowd drawer, and blogging, the content provider.

The specific benefits of combining these three are as follows:

  • It expands your email list.
  • It gives you more opportunities to connect with your audience.
  • It gives you a clearer measure of data and efficiency in identifying influencers.

But to execute all three strategies at once is easier said than done. Marketers sometimes run out of gas in maintaining their social media presence, let alone engaging in other tasks. However, integrating these three doesn’t equate to multiplying tasks three times – it’s a matter of incorporating one element into another. Here’s some of the ways you could pull it off:

    • Add social media icons on emails. Redesign your boring email templates with one that includes links to your Facebook and Twitter pages to let them know that you actually exist in social media.
    • Sync your blogs with social networking sites. You multiply your visibility by simultaneously posting content on various platforms, and it’s not like you have to post them again manually.
    • Provide an email form on your Facebook page. Email and Facebook is usually an odd couple, but you’d be surprised to know how many emails you can get compared to your business blog.
    • RSS feeds on blogs. This is a standard trick that some bloggers still miss out on.
    • Email updates on social media activities. Whenever you decide to set up a Pinterest, Instagram or Google+ account, make sure your prospects know via email.
    • Like this” or “Retweet this” buttons on your blog content. This does not only provide convenience in sharing content, it also generates leads since they have to link their accounts to be able to “like” or “retweet” something.