Toys “R” Us is a unique social brand because the majority of their target consumers are not old enough to be online. Some can’t even read – much less tweet.

Nonetheless, Toys “R” Us has worked to build a social following by way of indirect consumers – parents, grandparents, anyone who has a reason to buy toys. They currently have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Toys “R” Us is well-known for their fun products and yellow giraffe, Geoffrey. With over 60 years in the toy business, the brand has a lot of social leverage. Of course, it should be noted that like many different industries, their big marketing season is during the holidays – but it’s important to build up social networks year-round. We delve into analyzing their social media marketing efforts on four networks below.


Toys “R” Us has over 3,600,000 likes on their Facebook page – making it by far their largest social channel. They are also the most active on it, with content ranging from promotion of their partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand to new products and toy offers.

Engagement on the page is off and on, however, and we recommend more creativity to engage their Facebook audience. Along with good deals, that means incorporating sentimental flashbacks, educational highlights, interactive ideas and current events. A simple post that garnered high engagement levels is shown below.

toys r us facebook


Toys “R” Us has more than 400,000 followers on Twitter. They are fairly active on the micro-blogging network, with at least one tweet every day. The majority of their content seems to be promotion-focused.

With a younger average user than Facebook, Twitter doesn’t draw quite the same target group for Toys “R” Us. Yet they definitely have room for growth in terms of engagement – asking questions, making connections, and communicating with consumers. Their Twitter should also be optimized with hashtags.


The Toys “R” Us Pinterest profile is well thought-out for their demographic – attracting over 5,000 followers. However, their 23 boards barely touch the surface of what’s possible on this growing female-oriented, image-based network. They focus on the basics – Barbie and Lego’s – with many more opportunities available within holiday campaigns, image SEO and influencer identification.

toys r us pinterest


Since 2008, Toys “R” Us has accumulated 7,540 subscribers and over 42 million total views. Although they do have quite a few videos, this channel doesn’t seem to be as active as the others. In fact, the most popular uploads are years old and their playlists are scarce and outdated.

The Toys “R” Us YouTube channel needs to optimize their site and increase cross-promotion in order to improve their video impact. YouTube is an effective platform in which to market consumer goods while entertaining users – leading to higher traffic and engagement.

Toys “R” Us has built a great foundation on four social networks. Taking the next steps to strategize content and engage consumers will help increase digital visibility.