It’s easier than ever to become an Instagram or YouTube influencer and join the influencer marketing movement. In 2019, more and more brands will be looking to influencer marketing to expand their footprint. However, becoming an influencer can seem like a daunting task!

Captivating an engaged audience can be quite competitive and more fans than ever expect professionalism from independent content creators. Fortunately, there are more than a few tools that can help you go from amateur to pro in absolutely no time.

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro

Obviously, if you have the time and bandwidth to learn, Adobe Premiere is the essential gold standard for video editing software. From top influencers to film-makers, you can unleash nearly limitless video editing potential.

Price: $52.99/mo for all apps on the Adobe Cloud /$20.99/mo for just Premiere

Wondershare Filmora

a quick look at Wondershares dashboard

This is probably the best (and most affordable) video editor for beginners! If you’re filming video on a point and shoot camera or on your phone, this is the best tool you can get if you want to spend time actually creating and editing videos as opposed to getting lost into the nuances of video editing.

Price: $60.00 one time fee


Shotcut is a free, open source video editing tool for Mac, Windows and Linux. What GIMP is to Photoshop, Shotcut is to Adobe Premiere.

It’s completely free and full of neat features. The only real negatives are that it’s desktop only and doesn’t let you export files based on for specific devices. If you’re looking for some very basic editing, this can be your tool to start!

Price: Free

Graphic Design & Photo Editing


If you just want basic image editing tools with no frills, then PicMonkey is right for you! PicMonkey is also great for making collages. There are also some great image editing and recoloring options.

Price: $7.99/mo for the basic plan


If you’re not a designer, this is the tool for you. Although it’s probably preferable you teach yourself Photoshop. With a bevy of templates of any size, Canva is great for some quick and dirty ad-hoc graphics work for banners and other promo images for your content. It may seem like the perfect tool for beginners — but trust me, a lot of experts use Canva too! Images made
in Canva are noted to have a clean and professional look to them. For YouTube influencers, this is a great tool to make thumbnails for videos.Although it doesn’t have PicMonkey’s collage tools, you can easily adjust your workflow to include usage of both tools. They’re complimentary! Canva, however, is online only. So if you’re looking to do work offline, then you should consider other options.

Price: Free, but you might have to pay some additional money for any templates or images you download on their marketplace.


If you’re using Instagram filters to post content to your feed, stop. You should be using VSCO. VSCO has a truly expansive collection of filters and photo editing options that, when used right, can actually make it look like your iPhone photos were taken on a professional camera.

Price: Free


For almost Photoshop level, advanced photo editing, try Snapseed! Already one of the most popular downloads for both Android and iPhone users, Snapseed offers a very robust toolset for touching up your photos. From lens blur to editing even select parts of a photo, Snapseed has you covered

Price: Free

Content Management


TubeBuddy Content Management platform for YouTube Influencers

YouTube certified, TubeBuddy is probably the YouTube Influencer’s best resource for growing their channel. It has great features to streamline your workflow, along with essential tools to track what content is actually resonating with your audience.

With TubeBuddy, you can track how well your keywords are performing along with opportunities to find new keywords to take your content a little further.At $9 a month, TubeBuddy is well worth the price of admission for any creator that seeks to take their influencer game seriously.

Price: $9/mo