Social networking has changed the online experience in many ways unimaginable. Before its emergence, the World Wide Web was just a hub where interesting information can be found, with less participation and interaction among the web users. But thanks to social networks, the web has maximized its fullest potential.

Competition among social networks has never been so intense. With the emergence of new competitors such as Google+, mainstream sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like has been continually innovating to improve the quality of its interface and keep its members interested.

Let’s see how these sites have been doing and gauge which provides the best services for users’ hungry of the social networking experience.


Tracing its roots as an online community exclusive for Harvard University students, Facebook has gone a long way as it has been in constant search for programming innovations that will keep it ahead of its game. Facebook has now become the benchmark of its competitors as it pushes for new features such as applications, games, text and video chatting.

Facebook is considered the most visited social networking site in the world. With over 700 million registered members, it boasts of bagging the No. 1 social networking site on several expert and reliable reviews.


With its easy interface and the microblogging system, Twitter has now become a new phenomenon that gives a chance for people to interact and be kept posted on a personal level, ranging from activities of daily living to special events or occurrences.

“Follow me on Twitter!” is the usual phrase of celebrities who wants their fans to be updated on what’s happening with their personal lives. Feel famous as Twitter brags of housing hundreds of local and international celebrities and interact with them as if you know each other personally.

One of its best features is its easy accessibility. Tweets can be sent through mobile phone, via desktop widgets or simply on its Twitter site.


Although YouTube was not designed as a typical social networking site, it has already been a hub for interaction as users upload Video logs, video responses or type in text comments that will encourage socialization among its members. Just like any other social network, you can create profile but only includes pertinent information about you.

The best part about YouTube is the opportunity to become rich and famous. Although the competition is really fierce, if you have the right formula, the wit and the charisma, becoming popular in YouTube will be a piece of cake.


Google Plus has proven that it is never too late to start a social networking site. 3 weeks after its “invite only field testing” launch, it has already reached up to 20 million users. At this rate, it’s safe to say that Facebook is in for some tough competition. With new concepts such as group video chat, drag-and-drop interface for organization, and the recommend buttons, Google+ is already showing great potential in becoming the best social networking site in the future.

These are just a few of the available social networking sites on the web. It is important to determine which sites you should sign on to but it is very much important to know your intentions on joining such sites and the limitations attached to it.

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