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Social branding defines your ability to engage your target consumers and make them remember your business. Every internet marketer ensures to market their business brand in the social media. This is precisely because about more than half of the consumers are engaged in social media, spending almost half an hour to three hours daily visiting social media and using the platform when looking for products and services. There are social media branding strategies that can help aspiring internet marketers grow their brand followers, increase their brand popularity and consequently make a game changing outcome for the return of their target profit.

The basic foundation for social branding strategies

In order to establish that your brand is unique, it is important to undertake the right social branding approach. Among the basic foundations when exploring the proper social branding strategies for your business, you need to consider the following:

  • Define your objectives

There are 101 ways to market your brand in the social media networks. However, you get results by being able to use only those that address your marketing objectives. It is necessary to have a clear goal for your brand marketing and ensure that you implement a specific, attainable, time bound, measurable and relevant goals to focus on.

  • Quick content publishing

Brands are highly competitive these days and if you want to overrun your competitors, you should make your business highly competent in publishing relevant content quickly. This entails publishing news content or the so-called newsjacking and implementing newsfeed for your content. This allows you to connect to your target social media audience easily and consistently.

  • Leverage on social media sites where your target audiences are active

This is a fundamental rule for internet marketers to follow. Find a social media site where you can easily communicate, connect and interact with your target audience. There are many social media sites where its community members are highly active in commenting and forum discussion. You should target in marketing your brand on these sites to gain maximum exposure among active social media users.

Where to focus your social media branding approach

As you embark to social media branding, it is essential to understand that each social media platform has its own unique approach in social marketing. Oftentimes, even when your budget will allow it, it is impractical to undertake a paid social brand marketing scheme across different platforms when some of the social media networks cannot serve your brand marketing purpose. Thus, choosing which social media platform to promote your brand will essentially depend on your marketing goals. Many brands are able to maximize their social media branding strategies by choosing only two or three social media sites to promote brand awareness successfully. Therefore, your brand marketing strategies should focus on intensity and not on volume.

Top social media branding strategies that work

There are different social media sites that are very popular in brand marketing. We will highlight a few and will teach you the topmost approach for social media branding strategies on each site.

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Social Branding on Google +

Google is a popular social media network that can help you grow your search engine optimization, social engagement and brand promotion.

  • Create your own Google Plus page. Make your profile information comprehensive which must include your business address, contact number, products and services. Include a photo of your brand logo to make your Google Plus page more professional.
  • Promote your business to its local consumers. Take advantage of marketing your brand from Google’s local pages or listings.
  • Start creating your own Google Plus Circles. Find groups that are likely to be interested in your brand. Become their follower and make them take notice of you by actively inviting others to join your circle and be willing to spend time in communicating with them through commenting and sharing ideas.
  • Publish useful and relevant posts to your Google Plus page. High quality and helpful content will tend to attract more readers to your posts. Add the Google + badge or button on every article you publish to make it shareable with others.
  • Participate in Google Hangouts. Share your screen with other users and try to help them in their concerns on matters within your field of expertise.
  • Embed a link on your Google Plus Page to your other blog posts to increase traffic and enhance your social branding strategies for SEO.

Social Branding on Facebook

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You can harness the influence of Facebook in helping boost your brand’s popularity and SERP. Facebook has millions of users where you can source out more traffic and recommendation about your brand.

  • Create a Facebook Fan page. Publish engaging content to increase the number of your Facebook fans and followers.
  • Promote your brand by holding events and contests. Highlight the debut of your product launching. Take the opportunity of introducing the benefits of your new products and offer some free samples and freebies to your loyal fans.
  • Feature your Facebook fans that purchased your branded products to make them important.
  • Make your published content shareable by adding the Facebook Like button.
  • Leave a link on your Facebook page across the sites where you submit your content to get more traffic that will enhance your social media branding.
  • Regularly feature your products and services and allow your fans to comment and share ideas.

Social Branding on Twitter

social media branding
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Twitter only allows a limited number of characters to post so many internet marketers are wondering what is its benefits for social branding. With millions of Twitter platform users, you can leverage on the exposure that you can gain when marketing your brand on Twitter using these social branding strategies.

  • Craft your brand voice. The more accurate your brand tag line becomes, the more enticing it is for your audience. It can be a downfall when you use too wordy statements for branding. A simple yet relevant and straight to the point brand statement is better and it is one your customers can easily remember.
  • Integrate your Twitter account to your published content.
  • Automate your posts to be highlighted on your tweets.
  • Tweet about the latest product launching for your business. Keep your followers informed and communication is the key to keep them engaged with your brand so keep them updated about the latest happening on your business.
  • Twitter is about social engagement so make yourself active in participating in discussions and re-tweeting tweets that are relevant to your brand industry.

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