1. It can increase customer conversion. Around 35% of consumers want to look at businesses facebook, twitter and LinkedIn profiles before buying any product or service. Of those, a massive 70% said they wouldn’t deal with a new company if they didn’t have a social media presence. 

2. It helps customer retention. It is well know that very few customers buy the first time they see and getting customers to sign up to a newsletter on a first visit is extremely difficult. However, directing customers to your facebook and twitter pages provide an easy option for them to follow your business and you can update a greater audience with your special offers and new products.

3. Fantastic for customer service. People spend so much time on social media sites that it is often a preferred method of communication for engaging with businesses. Getting a customer talking can be key to making a sale and the more open you are to engagement the higher your sales conversion rates can be.

4. It’s great for your SEO. The more pages and links you have into your business website the higher it will rank on Google and other search engines. Having pages on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are a great way for you to control routes to your service.

5. It’s too big to ignore. That’s right, everyone else is on it so you need to protect your brand. Many businesses will at some point have dealt with corporate espionage. Plan ahead and plant your flag. Online social space is valuable territory.

You can see more from Mediaberry’s research page here.