Social Media for Marketing

Top brands receive high leverage from social media marketing and internet companies are getting highly interested on how they pull it off. By social media marketing, a brand or business is able to build its popularity by increasing its website presence and growing the number of its followers using the social media. There are many marketing tricks employed by many businesses in order to increase their website traffic and ranking by using the social media influence. Here’s how top brands are able to use social media for impressive marketing and profitable leverage.

1. Red Bull Social Media Campaign

Redbull-facebookSocial media is responsible for the profit earned by Red Bull in 2012, selling about 5.2 billion cans of its energy drinks. It launched a marketing campaign that leverages on its buyer persona. On its website, thrill seeking athletes were featured, including race car drivers. Its social media campaign kicked off by launching on its Facebook page the upcoming thrilling events of playing addicting games and featuring on its Twitter page a photo of the week contest that gets the viewers talking, sharing and engaging with the Red Bull brand. It also featured the experience and adventures of heroes on an adrenaline pumping action on the Red Bull TV that is optimized by an app to accommodate more viewers and followers.

What makes this top brand fare well in its social media marketing campaign is knowing their target audience to be likely engaged with their brand and will be interested in using their products. The social media campaign is not all about the Red Bull drink, but leveraging on the interest of their audience that is relevant to the product they are selling.

2. The ADT social media campaigns

ADT is a security company that became quite popular in the social media channel as more than a brand that provides security technology. It leverages in using different social media channels in order to spread the word about their company, products and services. Now, ADT is not merely a security company, but a brand that is known in giving protection not only in homes, buildings and offices, but also for your loved ones, properties and lifestyle. It also added humor in its marketing campaign in order to generate more interests from its followers, making them more engaged in its brand.

Its Pinterest account shows crime stats and cleaning and moving tips that entertain its viewers. The brand also leverages on highlighting their customers’ experiences on how their products are able to provide them protection through featured testimonials on their Facebook page. Its YouTube videos also showcase the homes of high profile individuals like professional athletes using their ADT Pulse products and services.

3. social media campaigns

As an online source of cable television, the company uses social media in order to keep their viewers engaged on its latest television shows. Its social media marketing campaign involves using hashtags to promote a particular television show. It also uses Google + in order to draw attention to their followers and take them directly to its blog. It also keeps the viewers enticed and engaged by featuring teasing headlines on its Facebook page with the inclusion of interviews with its television series stars. Their Facebook page also allows comments from their viewers, which gives Cable a good source of information about understanding their followers’ concerns, preferences and likes from a television show.

4. Oreo video clips

Social Media for Marketing

Oreo uses a 30-minute video clip in order to reach to its target audience from various fields, but maintaining a similar theme that promotes its product. It featured artists in the hip hop and country music industry and a child spending quality time with her dad with the captivating effects of eating the Oreo cookies that enticed people in sharing the video clip on various social media channels. The brand also used YouTube for its marketing campaign by featuring a Snack Hacks short video clip that demonstrates the different fun ways of eating their product.

Launching social media marketing campaigns like the top brands

Here’s the key steps in initially launching your own marketing campaign within the social media platforms:

  • Identify social media channels effective in business marketing

Social media sites are revolutionizing their own platforms to make it more suited for social marketing campaigns. Facebook has billions of users each day, making it a viable channel in promoting your brand. It also offers paid advertising services that allow you to track down specific audience to reach for your brand marketing campaign. Twitter offers a platform where you can promote a strong brand presence in the social media community. It helps your brand to interact with humans through commenting and promoting trending topics. Companies leverage on Twitter in responding to their customers in a timely manner while featuring the latest news and headlines about an upcoming event and product releases that keep their followers engaged with their brands. Other social media platforms are LinkedIn, that helps you promote your company profile and to display ads, Pinterest for image engagement and YouTube for video marketing campaigns.

  • Monitoring your social media campaigns

Social marketing is a continuous process. You never stop after launching your campaign to social media channels. It is important to monitor how social media users response to your brand marketing strategy and obtain feedback to improve your marketing campaigns better. You can keep tabs on your social marketing progress by setting up Google alerts and search your brand regularly for the search channels or Google Realtime Search. You can also invest on monitoring tools that will deliver real time reports about your marketing campaigns.

  • Leverage on your target audience interest

Extract the interest of your target audience by launching a social media campaign that harness that interest. Social media users are generous in sharing advertisements that they are interested about and this can help spread the word about your brand. Keep an eye about the trending topics in the social media community that will be relevant to your brand or business industry. Do not forget to add the social media buttons that will help your followers to share your ads or blog easier at a click of a button.