Meerkat Strategy

What is Meerkat?

Meerkat is a new app and social media integrated with Twitter. It allows you to live stream video and sound through your smartphone. This essentially turns every smartphone user into a T.V broadcaster. Conveniently, meerkat directly links with Twitter accounts, letting people stream a live video to their followers on Twitter.

Imagine this: You are walking down the street and you see a movie being filmed with Hugh Jackman as wolverine! Instead of whipping out your phone and recording a video, you stream the video directly to all your Twitter followers. They jump in the stream and see Hugh Jackman as wolverine do an awesome stunt, in real time! Your followers get excited and share your stream and more people join. Eventually you have hundreds (or thousands) people watching the action from your phone.

You interact with all of them, answering questions, and run around trying to get the best shot. Everyone got a sneak peak to a new movie just for knowing you. Now that’s something to be excited about!

Meerkat allows everyone to be a “news outlet” in real time. You can now become a public figure or TV personality (like YouTube, but live!).

Since the release of Meerkat, I have spent some time growing my audience and learning the native culture. Some have even called me “Meerkat famous.”

Here is a list of 10 ways to build your Meerkat audience. Don’t forget to connect with me on Meerkat 

#1 Stream regularly

Like any other platform or tool consistency is key. People on Meerkat are very engaged and loyal. They like making relationships and are early adopters to the social media. Streaming at least once a day helps you build deeper relationships with your audience.

#2 Join other streams and talk

Joining various Meerkat streams and chatting with the “Meer-host” is a great way to build your following. Additionally you can talk to others in the stream and build a nice network of connections, it is a social network after all. Joining streams and engaging with the other users is just as important as hosting your own streams. If I can’t stream for the day, I join other streams and say hi. It’s like guest blogging on other blogs to gain exposure

#3 Guest Meerkat

If you live in a metropolitan area, chances are there is an influential Meerkater near you. Get together with the other Meerkaters in your area, see if you can do a Meerkat together. I had the pleasure of Meerkating with one of Meerkats top influencers @manuellagares and we had over 3,000 people stop in and listen to our talk. We had hundreds of comments and had an amazing time. That is an amazing ROI (return on investment) in my opinion.

We have also decided to do a weekly Group Meerkat. Only good things can come of this.

If you can’t meet up in person conduct a Skype/Google hang out with the influencer. This allows you to connect with influencers around the world.

#4 Schedule your streams

Meerkat allows you to schedule your stream up to 24 hours in advance. This allows people to see what your talking about and when. It also sends a push notification to your followers to notify them you have an upcoming stream. Even if you are having an impromptu Meerkat stream you should schedule it. Even if it is only 5 minutes ahead, schedule your stream. This sends your followers a reminder and 5 minutes later another one that you are live.

#5 Use awesome captivating images when you schedule

Meerkat is a visual platform and having a nice designed image can go a long way. One of Meerkats leaders Sweedishfoodtv has an image that points to the subscribe button. When he starts his stream he has hundreds of views. This is also due to the amazing stream of his restaurant.

#6 Say hi to everyone who joins your stream

In Meerkat there is something called being “ghosted.” It is when a Meerkater is in the room but not engaging. When you say hi to these ghost or lurkers you have the chance to get them to say hi back. From there it is easy to build into a full conversation and get more people engaged.

#7 Ask for the three main actions

When you are streaming ask people to like, re-stream (or retweet), and to follow. As people share and like your stream it notifies their followers that they are on your stream. People join as their friends retweet and you get more people to engage with.

#8 Gratitude goes a long way

Remember that these Meerkaters are taking time out of their day to hang out with you and watch you stream. Thank them for being there. Thank them for the likes and retweets. THANK them for their comments.

Pro tip: Use Twitter’s video feature to send personalized greetings and thank yous.

#9 Flow with the conversation

Lots of Meerkaters like to talk while in your stream. Don’t hold them down and force them to talk about the subject you want to talk about. Allow the conversation to flow naturally. Like if you were at a giant cocktail party. The conversation can and will go on some crazy tangents, but that is the fun of it.

#10 Play some music

We need to remember that users are in Meerkat to be entertained. Playing some music in the background helps to add another level of depth to your stream. Like how your favorite T.V shows has awesome mood music. During a Meerkat stream there are times when you as the host have to pause. Maybe you need to take a drink, you need to think, or you are reading comments of other Meerkaters. Music in the background helps transition your stream through those pauses seamlessly. Not to mention it is fun to jam to your favorite music. (I have been known to do a live lip-syncing stream for fun).

Overall, Meerkat is a tremendous platform to gain and grow a following. The audience is very active and engaged. Most importantly you can build deep relationships and set yourself apart from everyone else. If you are looking for a social media that isn’t difficult to break through the noise I would suggest checking out the bright yellow mongoose (meerkat).

Leave a comment with your Meerkat handle and I’ll follow you!