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This week, the world was tweeting about the crisis in Syria, the debate over presidential elections and a dose of trivial pop culture. Here’s what the world talked about this week on social media:

#1: Miley Cyrus

People around the globe have spent the better part of this week hating on Miley Cyrus. And unless you live offline (which is impossible because you’re reading this), you’ve at least seen a funny gif, video, Tweet or meme of her MTV Video Music Award performance. Once young and seemingly innocent, Miley twerked her butt and wagged her tongue on stage, stirring up a massive controversy over inappropriate public “performances.” But, in all fairness, she absolutely stole the show and has been on the top of everyone’s minds and charts since.

#2: Syria

Western leaders have charged this week that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government fired deadly chemical weapons on civilians near Damascus last week. And while world leaders appear to be moving toward a strike against Assad’s regime, the UN chief pleaded for more time as UN inspectors have not endorsed the allegations. Considering that all decisions and information significantly affect everyone around the world, Syria has been a major global topic of discussion in the news and on social.

Here’s what U.S. Secretary of State has to say:

#3: I Have A Dream

As world powers meet behind closed doors to discuss Syria, thousands celebrated Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have a Dream’ 50th Anniversary speech with Obama and Bill Clinton. Now one of the most famous speeches, King’s words are considered the pinnacle of the American Civil Rights Movement. In commemoration of his dedication, the nation’s first African-American president, delivered a speech of his own on the same steps.

Here is Martin Luther King Jr’s speech from August 28, 1963:

#4: #HappyBirthdayRupertGrint

On August 24th actor Rupert Grint celebrated his 25th birthday. Who’s that? Harry Potter fans know him as Potter’s redheaded friend, Ron Weasley. Fans celebrated Rupert’s birthday by sharing collages and images in their tweets along with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayRupertGrint.

#5: CNTE

In an attempt to block educational reforms that will introduce teacher evaluations and reduce their union power, thousands of striking teachers thronged Mexico City’s international airport last Friday. #CNTE trended as news sources covered the march and strike and Twitterers offered their support.

Teacher Protests Over Education Reform Paralyze Mexico City PHOTO #CNTE

— Global Voices (@globalvoices) August 30, 2013

#6: Batman

This week it was announced that Ben Affleck would play Batman in the upcoming Warner Bros. film Man of Steel 2. Affleck’s association with many mediocre films like Gigli and Armageddon, has Twitterers discussing the big announcement and criticizing Warner’s choice of actor. Can Affleck live up to Christian Bale and Val Kilmer? Will he shave his Argo beard? In the U.S., Twitterers are going as far as saying that “in the new Ben Affleck version, the Batmobile is just a beige Prius.”

But here’s my personal favorite:

Would still be a better batman than Ben Affleck

— Matty (@_MattyyAllen) August 27, 2013

#7: Tripoli

Last week, two massive bombs exploded in Tripoli, near Northern Lebanon’s border with Syria. Thought to be the deadliest attack in Lebanon since the end of the civil war in 1990, at least 42 people were killed and more than 400 wounded. Both news sources and the public turned to Twitter to discuss the news and share updates on the attack.

#8: #Rooty

This hashtag stands for Rooty Hill Debates for Australia’s 2013 Presidential Election that have been taking place between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. While bookies are betting on who will win, election day isn’t until September 7th. Check out the HootSuite Australian Election Command Center.

#9: Lauren Harries

British media personality Lauren Harries, born James Harries, is an aspiring transsexual celebrity. She’s been trending this past week as Britain’s star-studded reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother picks up momentum. Lauren’s looks on the show have been described as “always sublime, always ridiculous and mostly nightmarish.” Because of this, she’s all over Twitter.

#10: Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO and former right-hand-man of the beloved Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer announced this week that he will be retiring. For many, this is huge news. Ballmer’s 13 years as CEO have been rather tumultuous, with employees leaving for competitors like Google and online sources trashing his every move, including management style. But despite tripling Microsoft’s annual sales (we’re talking billions annually), he could never quite jump the hurdle that is mobile phones, tablets and search in particular. So as one of perhaps the most successful CEO’s leaves the world’s biggest software company, Twitterers around the world are left with the question: what’s next for Microsoft?

Will fresh ideas give the giant a jolt it needs to join the 21st-century world of mobiles and tablets?

Check out what trended over in America this week.