global trends

There are over 300 million tweets sent from around the world every day. And millions more search queries. Twitter is a source for news and conversations, so what is everyone talking about this week?

This week world leaders came together to discuss Syria and the global economy, Voyager 1 made history by leaving our solar system and Tokyo locked down the 2020 Olympics… all proving that sometimes, there are more important things to discuss than Justin Bieber. Keep reading to see this week’s top worldwide trends on Twitter.

#1: Syria

In the eleventh-hour before an attack on Syria, it was interrupted by Moscow’s proposal that Syria give up its chemical weapons stocks. Although Syria applied on Thursday to sign up to the global ban on chemical weapons that would spare them of an attack, Washington is skeptical of whether Damascus will give up its arsenal of poison gas. “President Obama has made clear that should diplomacy fail force might be necessary to deter and degrade Assad’s capacity to deliver these weapons,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said.

#2: Apple

‘Tis the season for tech companies to race to get their hot new fall products on the shelves and in the hands of millions of customers around the globe. This season’s potential “must-have?” Apple just announced their new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C this week, on top of their new and improved operating system, iOS7, which will be released to the public on September 18th for free. Besides the improved design of iOS7, they’ve improved security, control, camera features and iCloud features.

What do you think? Like the changes?

#3: 2020 Olympics

It was recently announced that the 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in the biggest city in the world, Tokyo, Japan. Interestingly, Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami that wrecked the north-east coast and caused a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant, also caused an increase in local support for the games. Assuring the Olympic committee that athletes will be safe from radiation, Tokyo has billions to throw down before their infrastructure will be ready for the games, let alone stopping the radiation leaks…

#4: Serena Williams

Serena Williams has won the U.S. Open champion, again — for the fifth time. She beat a relentless Victoria Azarenka 7-5, 6-7 (6-8), 6-1 for her 17th Grand Slam singles title, one fewer than Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova on the all-time list. “When you’re always trying to write history, or join history in my case, maybe you just get a little more nervous than you should. I also think it’s kind of cool, because it means that it means a lot to you. It means a lot to me, this trophy,” Williams said, pointing her right hand at her fifth silver cup from the U.S. Open, “and every single trophy that I have.”

#5: G20

As St Petersburg, Russia’s G20 summit came to a close earlier this week, discussions on the subject of what to do with Syria and global economics trailed off on Twitter. Obama and Putin are both in a clear split on the situation in Syria. Putin said: “We hear one another, and understand the arguments but we don’t agree. I don’t agree with his arguments, he doesn’t agree with mine. But we hear them, try to analyze them.”

Away from the Syria issue, G20 leaders said the global economy was improving but was too early to declare an end to the crisis, with emerging markets facing increasing volatility.

#6: Voyager 1

1977 was a big year for space fantasies. Not only was that the same year that the original Star Wars film came out, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were sent out to explore the outer planets. This week, it was confirmed that Voyager 1 officially left our solar system around mid-August 2012. As the first human-made object to ever leave our solar system and enter interstellar space (space between the stars), Voyager 1 is making global headlines. Now more than 18 billion kilometers from the sun and hurtling through space at 61,000 km/hr, this plutonium-powered probe transmits data collected through its sensors via a 23-watt transmitter (which is less than your refrigerator bulb).

#7: Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

The Hindu festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated on the birthday (rebirth) of the god Ganesha. Widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune, it’s believed that Lord Ganesh bestows his presence on earth for all his devotees during this festival.

#8: Midnight Memories

Tired of One Direction? Get used to it, because after this week, there’s no doubt that they’re the biggest boy band on the planet – perhaps ever. On September 9th, their new album “Midnight Memories” went on presale only, and has already topped charts worldwide… Whoever said album sales is dead isn’t up on their trends.

#9: Champignon

Champignon, one of the four members of Brazililan rock band Charlie Brown Jr., was found dead in his Sao Paulo apartment on Monday morning. According to preliminary reports from the Brazilian press, Champignon’s death was apparently a suicide. The musician’s death rocked social media Monday morning, where #RIPChampignon trended worldwide.

#10: #МэрМосквы

Moscow mayoral elections of 2013 were held on September 8, 2013 as part of regional Election Day. The Moscow Election Commission said Monday that former Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Sobyanin, a leading ally of President Vladimir Putin, got just over 51 per cent of the vote. Navalny garnered 27 per cent in second place, a strong result for a Russian opposition leader. The election was closely watched around the world amid concerns over the democratic process in Russia.