When you look at this rather frightening infographic of social media landscape from Buddy Media/Luma, it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. And it’s true that each day presents new opportunities and complexities for social media engagement and management. Yet this infographic also provides a rare chance to see the largers social media landscape and examine where your business or brand fits in.

Here are several key questions to ask:

1. Which of the categories, strategies or tools listed above are you not using and why?

2. What platforms, tools or apps could you use to unlock new customers or engagement around your product and services?

3. Is your business and its strategies well-suited to benefit from the broader landscape of social media?

4. What platforms or tools could you use to lighten your load or establish systems to help you manage real-time engagement with your community?

5. How engaged are you with the latest in social media or are you falling behind the technology and your customers?

It’s true that social technology is a hard and tireless master but each new platform or tool unlocks new business opportunities for those that apply them to your business. So take a seat, take a tour, and take a few minutes to identify technologies, platforms or tools that might be just what your business needs.

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