TikTok holds tremendous potential for brands, but this means nothing if you aren’t reaching people. Here’s how to get this part right.

If you want to make sure your videos reach as many people on TikTok, incentivise viewer engagement by rewarding them. The app is addicting and easy to scroll through for hours. However, to get the most out of it, you simply need to reach more people.

What is reach?

The reach of your content is the number of people who see it for the first time. The ideal situation would be if every single follower saw everything you shared.

Use Duets

TikTok is a social media site that allows users to create and share videos. These short clips can be as long or brief as you want, but they all follow the same basic outline: first someone creates an initial video; then others can respond with their own material.

Duets makes this even more fun by allowing another person to literally appear side-by-side with another, therefore creating a ‘duet’. Far from being a gimmick, it allows users to create their own content in a collaborative way. UGC (user generated content) is incredibly engagement-worthy, and you will instantly maximise your reach by sharing the spotlight with someone else.

Brands can do this very easily by running competitions or polls, and then asking audiences to team up and create a duet for an incentive. Then the brand gains improved reach right there.


User-generated content is very much the new black, so keep that in mind as you move through social media platforms like TikTok.

You may not feel that your brand aligns with all the viral stuff going on right now, but get involved with trending content and you might be pleasantly surprised. If you are able to jump on the latest trend you may find that it resonates with your audience.

Find a trend and see how your brand can fit in with it. Then make content that aligns with it, even if it’s a simple matter of tagging someone (see next section).


Once you start exploring TikTok in depth, you’ll soon find people that share some connection with your brand and what you do. And that means you can start tagging them when it comes to your content.

Focusing on Duets for example, means that you can tag others who happen to be in your niche. They will see the Duet and hopefully tag others and then your reach will be amplified.

Post high quality content

Great content is key for success on social media. It’s important to take your time with the creation of videos and not rush into things that could potentially turn out poorly or just aren’t worth posting in general because it takes so much effort.

Filters can really help spice up any boring video too, which will make people want to watch your content more often than they otherwise would if there was no filter applied.

Post regularly

TikTok is a great place to post your video content if you want more views. Regular clips are much more likely to succeed than one-off videos or short films, since they’ll be seen by everyone on the app.

There’s also an option of featuring them in the ‘For You’ page which can help boost engagement even further. Because Tik Tok has so many uploads per day (many times higher than other platforms) there’ll always be something new that people can watch.

The ‘For You’ page is your personal video-streaming channel, designed to match what you like. It will be updated with new videos that are similar in taste and style as well. Posting regularly gives your brand a chance of being seen.

Interact with people

One of the easiest things you can do to boost reach is to focus on interacting on TikTok. Commenting with followers or any other users will encourage them to click your profile and check out all of your content.

It’s a very community-based platform, so get involved and you will find that small conversations soon become huge when it comes to reach.


You may have noticed that many people are sharing their favorite TikTok videos to other platforms and not just TikTok. Using other social networks, like Instagram, brands can cross-promote their TikTok content through their existing communities.

Using Instagram Stories to share your TikTok videos (with a clear call-to-action encouraging viewers to check out your TikTok channel) can be an effective way to get your videos seen more often.

The above are some sure-fire ways to boost your reach on TikTok and get seen by more users. It makes perfect sense to try as many techniques as you can, and work with the ones that stick.