The key to a successful social media strategy is to develop a consistent posting schedule that works for you. Posting consistently is a great way to increase your social media traffic and exposure. Here are some tips for a great social media marketing schedule.

Share One Post Multiple Times

It is totally acceptable to share a single blog post multiple times on social media. This especially holds true for Twitter, Google Plus, and even Facebook. You can develop a schedule where you share a post after publishing, again a week later, and once again a month later. On sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, however, a post should only be shared once.

Type of Content to Share

Don’t jam-pack your schedule with promotional posts. Remember that your goal on social media should be to grow relationships and build an audience for your business. It’s not to turn every new fan, follower, and connection into a paying customer. Try to limit your promotional content to just 20% of your weekly posts, with the other 80% focused on keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Remember, the best way to figure out what type of content your audience is most interested in is to test. Keep an eye on your key engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares, retweets, clicks, etc). These provide insight into which type of content is working, what’s not, and what you could be doing differently to improve your strategy

Use Automation to Schedule Your Posts

Apps like Buffer, HootSuite and our TieiT CRM allow you to schedule your social media postings in advance. If you download the Buffer browser extension, you can use their power scheduler to share a post from the web. From one page, you can schedule something to be shared on multiple accounts at multiple times. If you are going to be sharing one post multiple times, this is a great way to do it.

Know Where to Concentrate Your Efforts

Which social channel you should be spending the most time on will really depend on your niche. If you are dealing with attire, cooking, baking, design or similar niches, Pinterest and Instagram will likely be a large source of traffic. You should analyze where most of your traffic is coming from and then concentrate on building your presence on that channel.

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