Did you know that creating your website is only a small portion of the overall task. Once your site is developed and released online, that’s where the dirty work begins. How are you going to get quality traffic to your site? How are you going to weed out the unqualified traffic? These are all a part of the big picture when it comes to developing a successful website.

In today’s digital society, a major portion of drawing quality traffic is coming from social media networks. Over the past 5 years, social media referral traffic is up 22.71% from last year.

In December of 2014, the top 8 social networks – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube – drove 31.24% of overall traffic to websites.

So what does this mean for businesses? There is 2 ways to answer this question, and that all depends on your company’s situation. Is your company currently active on social media? If you’re answering no, then to answer the question above, it means you better start getting active. Right now, 93% of marketers are using social media. That just goes to show you how important a social media plan is to your overall marketing plan.

Now if you answered yes to being active on social media, then the next question is, ‘have you connected your social media pages to your website?’ If you haven’t, then you’re severing very important ties in your digital marketing efforts. Connecting your social media pages to your website it vital upon drawing traffic to your site.

And it’s not only about drawing traffic, but drawing the RIGHT traffic. Social media will attract visitors to your site that are thoroughly interested in what you have to offer or what you have to say. It’s also a great way of having people market for you. In the world of social media, people love to share and tell others what they’re looking at. By connecting your website to your social media pages, you allow your followers to share your website content, whether it’s a promotion, a blog post or something else.

Be sure to take a look at the video above on our 3 top strategies of connecting your website to your social media pages.