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The Academy Awards blew up social media this past weekend, with Ellen and her selfie crashing Twitter. Social media can be used everywhere, just add a hashtag. Social media strategy can also be adapted from other areas, like strategies for creating an award-winning movie. Film nominations for an Academy award are put through strict scrutiny to make sure they meet the highest standards and criteria for the year. These same characteristics and standards should be applied to your social media.

Be relevant and significant.
Although humor gets a quick click, it doesn’t leave an impact. Humor is always welcome and helps to break the ice, but in order to really engage with your audience, create relevant and compelling content. Films that win Oscars take a relevant social event or theme and capitalize on it. The majority of your social content should be relevant to your brand, product or industry. Consumers tend to relate and engage more with brands that showcase a certain type of lifestyle. Lululemon is known not just for their product, but for healthy living and women empowerment. It has become known as a lifestyle brand.

Utilize tools like social login in order to capture consumer insights and social data for stronger complete customer profiles. Find out interests, likes and dislikes to help shape your social content and marketing campaigns.

Be visually stunning.
Visuals get more engagement across all social networks. Films are essentially a visual medium, born from moving pictures. Every film relies on grand imagery in order to sell their story. Sometimes words aren’t even spoken. Rely on visuals to get engagement across your social networks. Always pair a post with a visual, whether it is an image or a video. These can tell your story much better than a few sentences can.

Add visuals across your site in order to engage with consumers at the point of sale. Capture Instagram’s growing engagement by populating onsite product galleries with your fan’s photos.

Elicit an emotional response.
Academy-award winning films all elicit a strong emotion, whether it’s humor, fear, fascination, joy or sorrow. Your social media content should have the same effect. Content that goes viral tends to elicit a strong emotional response from its audience. Keep this in mind when writing posts and creating social content.

When creating incentives for your social contests, make sure that they will elicit an excited response for your consumers to compel them to share with their friends.

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