Infographic Friday is finally here! Today’s infographic focuses on the importance of timing social media to get the best results.

Each social media platform has a peak time. This is the time where most people tweet, share links, and comment. This obviously is not a perfect science but it can give you an idea of when you should be most active on social media sites.

For Twitter, tweeting between noon and 6pm will get you more clicks. Facebook is a different beast – the best time to share is at noon or after 7pm.

Also, when 50% of the population is in the Eastern time zone, it won’t do you any good to post at 7pm pacific time!

Optimizing social media is a great way to draw in traffic- make sure you are utilizing it to the greatest extent possible! Keep in mind that timing may differ between industries, so run some tests to see what time table works best for your company’s social media channels.

Science of Social Timing

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