New direction on social mediaSee if you can relate to these thoughts…

Every time I hear about someone who is very successful on social media, I really check them out and see how they engage on different platforms and I look for things that stand out that make this person so special or iconic. The more I perform this activity, the more depressed I get. Are people in love with stupid conversations, really?

It’s about pictures…I need to be spending more time on Instagram and Pinterest. Wow, I got repinned and shared.

I need to have more of a video presence. YouTube is the second largest search engine. Ok – I’ll check out some companies. I’m having a hard time finding some successful companies on YouTube. Where are they putting their videos?

Is there much return with these platforms?

Then, I read this article, “5 Tips on How to Hit Your Next Business Pitch out of the Park

The opening paragraph really stood out for me,

Conventional wisdom advises businesses to have a good elevator pitch. But traditional “pitch decks” are often dry and static, resulting in ineffective one-way communications. Today more than ever, businesses need to zoom outside the slide with pitches that dynamically engage their audience regardless of whether that audience consists of employees, partners, investors, or customers

The article goes on to look at 5 tips: ( You need to read the article to understand the definitions and thoughts behind these tips)

Then it hit me, I need to be doing the same thing online. Here are some ways I am going to start/stop doing with respect to these tips.

Stories vs. Facts

Start weaving a story on social media. I throw too many facts out and there is no connection.

The Medium is the Message

Start using the strengths of each platform to help communicate the story. Pictures-Pinterest, Video Explanations – YouTube.

Stop posting the exact same content on every platform

Presentations are a Two-Way Street

Address audience concerns more

Talk more about issues affecting clients

Invite questions

Listen more for what type of content people want

Mobility Matters More and More

Start looking at ways to optimize content for mobile devices.

Less words are better, Work on formatting for mobile

Remembrance of Things Spatial

Start developing a big picture for people to better relate to your company

Get people to remember your company more visually to help people remember you and what your company stands for.

Summary – The Great Epiphany

I need to stop worrying about how others are finding success and start using that time to build my own success. It starts with writing and communicating my story! ~ Brent Pohlman, October 10, 2012

photo credit: Capt Kodak via photopin cc