The influential TikTok has released a video series for brands that should help them gain more traction on the platform.

TikTok recently launched a video tips series to help marketers understand the key elements of the app, and implement better TikTok campaigns.

David Ma will host the initial ‘workout program’ video content of the new ‘Made for TikTok’ series, which will highlight key lessons from industry experts (by the way, we love the 80s vibe in the video).

The video lessons themselves do not cover much detail, but they do provide a few useful suggestions on how to understand TikTok as a whole, which can help you align your content with key behaviors and shifts.

Many brands have taken advantage of the app’s growing popularity, which has now reached over a billion users, and has fast become the key platform to influence younger consumers. These notes may be of use to many businesses putting together a TikTok strategy now that the holiday season is upon us.

Why use TikTok?

We feel that, among all social-media platforms, TikTok is one that could have the greatest potential. Organic growth is high, and many active users consume and create content in an intimate way. Instead of heavily edited photos or quick snippets of text with a hashtag, TikTok allows users to see real faces, and often hear their voice, from their favorite creators. Also, TikToks are easily ported to other social media platforms through sharing. TikTok videos are uploaded to other social media channels, and viewers share these short videos on other platforms

It’s simply a fun platform to use, and if your product or service meets the needs of the young demographic it can prove to be a great tool in your marketing arsenal.

Since its launch in 2017, the app has amassed over 2 billion global downloads and has over 73.7 million active users. With all the users the platform has, you can potentially earn thousands, even millions, of impressions from your marketing efforts through the app.

This rapidly growing social-media platform’s algorithm allows your account to reach many people based on the amount of likes it receives from its users. Users see posts or accounts they interact with most, much like Instagram. Watching a specific creator’s content will increase the odds of seeing his or her content appear again in your feed.

TikTok’s algorithm also considers user viewing habits and hashtags. It will suggest similar videos based on your favorites, like DanceTok, BookTok, and MusicTok. TikTok, like other social-media platforms, can be leveraged by brands by keeping up with trending hashtags, songs, and dances to boost views on their videos.

As a community-centered platform, TikTok makes you feel more like you’re part of something that is bigger than you. Since this year, many niche communities have emerged on the platform, and as more users get on board, new niches continue to emerge. You can, for instance, use BusinessTok and BrandTok to exchange business tips and stories and livestream some of your events.

Tips for brands

Obviously, watch Ma’s video series to get the latest tips, but we have some ideas to think about below:

  • Don’t make commercials. Think about telling a story every time you get going with a project. This is vital because TikTok essentially has its own language and style, and if you come across as too commercial, you’ll lose out
  • Go for authenticity. This means giving your audience a behind-the -scenes look at what you do. It also means being honest and being direct in your approach. Your aim here is to strive for absolute authenticity
  • Use sounds. But don’t use just any sounds. One of the best things about TikTok is the way music has taken over the platform. Dig into that and use music and sounds that are trending across the platform. This will give you more relevance and engagement

Ma’s series is well worth watching, and has the backing of TikTok.