TikTok is helping brands. A brand-new platform offers useful tips and advice on how to maximise presence on the video network.

TikTok continues to dominate the social media stage, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Monetisation is now very much a reality on the platform, and the company has just pushed that particular boat out a little further.

TikTok has just published a brand new platform, which brands and marketers can use to optimise their efforts around reach and engagement. It’s pretty comprehensive stuff too, and is clearly part of the push towards making TikTok a strong competitor to other video platforms such as Reels.

The concept behind the new support push is brand-building. TikTok has quickly become a place where people can build brands around themselves, while brands can get in on the action too. So the new platform gives plenty of advice on creative elements, which means that there is real value here. Knowing how creative can really push branding, and knowing how to do it right, can be something that brings huge benefit.

Each element of the platform has a quick overview of the area it is covering. You also get some great case studies, which serve to illustrate how that particular area is best approached. For example, the creative section has case studies on creators who are branding with high quality creative content. And it offers lots of guidance on how to make a success of the creative elements you have in your own TikTok projects.


It was pleasing to see how TikTok has taken the elements and then drilled down to some considerable depth. For example, when covering Ads Manager, it discusses key objectives a brand may have (reach for conversions for example) and how best to manage a campaign around those objectives.

It’s hard not to feel impressed by what is going on here. If you click on ‘get discovered’, you are immediately taken to a place where some great case studies come up (for example, how Lancaster University developed engagement for an online event) as well as some excellent tips on how to get discovered on TikTok.

The downloadable guide in this area claims that the tips it offers are those strategies and techniques used by 61% of the most successful brands on TikTok. So you’re looking at tips that have been proven to work.

Regarding sound, TikTok readily admits that sound is the biggest part of the platform’s experience. So it offers tips and ideas around the bpm chosen music tracks should have, so that brands can optimise the impact of their music.

Why is this happening?

TikTok is very much a powerful platform now, but the Holy Grail is brands feeling comfortable and confident on the platform. If it can crack that, it will have the ability to monetise quicker and more effectively than anything Facebook is working on (namely, Reels via Instagram). The easier it makes video creation and branding for companies, the more they will take up space in TikTok and stay to create more content and more revenue for TikTok.

From 2018 to 2020, there was a 210% increase in usage of TikTok. This trend looks set to continue, and if more and more brands are setting down roots on the platform, it can only mean more usage and brands feeling comfortable with advertising. Popularity is everything in social media. If TikTok continues to be more popular than others, it may well win the race towards astronomical revenue.

If brands think it’s popular, it can only get bigger. That’s why the new platform has been created. It is super helpful, and can really make a difference to a brand’s success on TikTok.