With the myriad of digital communications platforms people use to connect with brands and each other, it’s important to recognize that there are customers who will prefer to connect with your company via social media as well as email. Here are three ways you can integrate social media with email marketing to grow your audience of email subscribers:

Make it worthwhile. Come up with incentives for email sign-up and use your social media pages to promote them. Click through and acquisition will increase if your subscribers receive value from your emails and are inclined to share the rewards with their peers.

Shine the light on your social media pages. Send an email dedicated solely to the promotion of your social media pages. Detail a few incentives within the email copy, such as exclusive or early bird access and special promotions. Your customers will appreciate knowing the various options they have when it comes to communicating with your business.

Draw content from social media conversations. Use Twitter conversations or quotes from industry professionals on Quora in your emails. You can draw from these already-existing, public conversations to align your company or brand with stellar, quotable people and ideas.

Social media integration can enhance your email marketing goals if used strategically. Are we missing any tips? Share yours.