There’s plenty of social networks, and each one is different in its own way. Twitter has a 140 character limit, YouTube is all about uploading videos, LinkedIn is the perfect social network for building connections, and there are plenty of other ones as well such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

Despite the differences of all of these social networks, there are three universal truths for these social network and every other social network to come. It may sound hard to believe that all of these social networks are the same, especially when they are competing against each other. Facebook and Twitter are always competing with each other. When Twitter came out with Vine, Facebook came out with 15 second Instagram videos.

Here are the three things that all social networks have in common:

1. You need visuals. In order to be successful on any social network, you need good visuals. You can take a lot of pictures or share a lot of videos. The better the visual, the more people will share your content through a repin, Facebook like, or any other method. You need great visuals in order to get more engagement no matter which social network you are using.

2. You need to talk to other people. Social networking is all about being social. You can comment on someone else’s content on any social network. Whether you reply to tweets or leave comments at the bottom of YouTube videos, there is always a way to leave a comment and talk with others. When you talk with others, you will build connections. You can do this on any current social network, and you’ll also be able to do this on any other social network that comes out in the future. In order to be a social network, you must have the option to comment. It is an option that you should use.

3. You can see who’s following you. Seeing who’s following you is more important than people think. Seeing which people shouldn’t be able to follow you isn’t the only way you can use this knowledge. Another way to use this knowledge is to see what a lot of your followers have in common. Then, post and share content that a lot of your followers will like. If a lot of your followers are sports fans, post and share content relating to sports.